Planning, Design and Construction

  • Responsibilities are divided into two main categories; Planning & Growth Management, and Design & Construction.

    Planning & Growth Management

    • Reviews and responds to applications to local governments for land use, rezoning, subdivision, and other appropriate development proposals to determine school capacity and ensure that school-related issues are addressed

    • Oversees the District’s Impact Fee studies

    • Makes recommendations regarding the selection and acquisition of future school sites to accommodate growth for the District

    • Participates in boundary planning and redistricting efforts

    • Researches, analyzes, and prepares comprehensive planning projects and reports, i.e. the 5-year Tentative Work Plan, Future Facilities Plan

    • Establishes and maintains an effective working relationship with local, state, and federal agencies and private organizations that affect and are affected by the short and long range planning of the District

    • Acts as the District liaison with County and City regarding School Concurrency and the Interlocal Agreement

    Design & Construction

    • Manage, supervise and participate in planning, design and construction of new facilites and in the alteration/renovation of existing facilities

    • Oversee preparation of plans, specifications and other Contract Documents, develop bidding procedures

    • Represent the School District as the point of contact in matters relating to construction

    • Coordinate the work of consultants with the needs of the District in all matters relating to design and construction

    • Approve progress payments to consultants and contractors

    • Monitor the progress of construction to ensure compliance with plans and specifications and workmanship standards