• Student Resources

      Cultural Resources
        The following links will assist 6th grade students in completion of their country research for Cultural Fair Projects:
          Atlapedia Online located at
          The World Factbook 2002 located at
          Country Studies located at

      Language Arts Resources
        Link # 1 - Online DICTIONARY located at
        Using this resource you can look up word spellings and meanings to assistant in grammatical and spelling checks while completing your assignments.

        Link # 2 - Online THESAURUS located at
        Add creativity to your assignments as you look up antonyms and synonyms for words to add spice and flavor to your writing.

        Link # 3 - Online MLA Style Guide located at
        This site is a quick reference guide to assist you in properly completing your science projects as well as your National History Day projects. Refer to this site regularly and often as you complete your bibliographies. 
        To get to the MLA Style Guide click on Bibliography Styles on the right hand side of the page, then choose Modern Language Association (MLA).
        If you are writing a paper and need to use the citation format for citing sources using MLA, follow the above steps and scroll to the bottom of the Bibliographies: MLA Format page and click on In-text Citation Information.

    Teacher Resources

      Reference Resources
        SUGGESTED WEBSITES (Remember to evaluate any website you use as a source for a research paper or other class assignment.)
          Center for Biological Diversity
          Endangered Species Program
          Environmental Protection Agency
          National Wildlife Federation
          President’s Annual Report on Environmental Quality
          USGS Biological Sources
          World Wildlife Fund