Lisa Cropley

  • Lisa Cropley On behalf of the Hernando County School District, it is my pleasure to present Ms. Lisa Cropley as our 2019 Principal Leader of the Year. Highly regarded by her colleagues, Lisa is a leader who knows how to drive change and help schools get better no matter how sound their practices.

    Because of her skill, experience and attention to data, we have called upon her to evaluate a low performing school and help implement effective interventions. That mentoring, partnership and guidance helped break the school’s slide toward failure, leading that school out of state accountability having earned a rating of “C” for 2018.

    Lisa is a school leader who has never lost sight of being an educator. Though her leadership style is driven and focused on school improvement, her heart remains squarely dedicated to students. She leads a large magnet school and during her tenure, she has thoughtfully integrated new systems while nurturing school culture and ensuring staff relationships flourish.

    Talented, smart and committed to “leading up”, Lisa represents her school district with honor, her profession with integrity and her school with pride. We are grateful to have her as an esteemed member of our school leadership.

    Superintendent of the Hernando County School Disrict, John Stratton