• People column graphic Pillar #2 - PEOPLE

    GOAL: Build a dedicated workforce by recruiting, developing and retaining accomplished professionals

    Objective A: Enhance recruitment and hiring processes


    Increase the number of applicants participating in the district job fair each year
    Increase the number of applicants applying for positions


    Refine recruitment and hiring plan
    Implement a job-specific training plan for employees new to their positions or new to the district
    Develop a plan to offer competitive salary and benefits for all positions
    Hold information sessions in partnership with colleges for cohorts in Educational Leadership to recruit aspiring leaders
    Find additional methods to publicize vacancies (expand social media, etc.)
    Conduct a compensation study to determine competitiveness with similar positions/locations

    Objective B: Build leadership capacity at all levels

    Increase participation in the Aspiring Administrators Academy by 1% annually
    Increase the number of qualified applicants for leadership position vacancies


    Provide quality professional development for all levels
    Develop comprehensive professional development plan for all employees
    Strengthen mentoring and coaching
    Expand the current programs for aspiring leaders
    Provide opportunities for administrators to participate in the Brian Dassler Leadership Academy to develop leadership skills to provide targeted feedback for teacher growth
    Provide opportunities for administrators to participate in the National Institute for School Leadership (NISL) to increase sharing of the latest best practices with other staff

    Objective C: Increase the employee retention rate of qualified personnel

    •Improve retention rate by 0.5% annually
    •Reduce the percentage of classroom instructional vacancies on September 1st by 0.5% annually

    •Conduct employee engagement surveys
    •Conduct surveys regarding the satisfaction with the hiring process
    •Review number of applicants by position type to determine areas that need to be targeted
    •Analyze the number of days to fill positions to identify critical shortage areas
    •Analyze use of substitute and long-term substitute data to determine if there are patterns and to identify critical shortage areas
    •Review data collected from exit interviews to identify areas in need of improvement
    •Evaluate policies and procedures to identify potential barriers for attracting and retaining employees
    •Develop and implement an employee engagement plan to help increase employee retention