• Community column graphic Pillar #4 - COMMUNICATION AND COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT

    GOAL: Foster positive relationships and collaboration among all stakeholders

    Objective A: Improve internal and external communication

    •Increase the number of mobile app downloads
    •Increase the number of "calls to action" on social media platforms
    •Increase social media and web engagement
    •Expand and streamline the number of platforms for communication

    •Promote ongoing and open communication among all stakeholders
    •Increase engagement through meaningful and timely interactions
    •Develop a more open system of communication between school, district, and community
    •Develop a coordinated system of surveying stakeholders and use focus groups to identify ways to improve communication
    •Develop a system of tracking engagement across existing communication platforms
    •Distribute timely content through available channels (publications, web, email, mobile, social media, face-to-face)

    Objective B: Contribute to and grow positive regard for the organization throughout the greater community

    •Increase number of likes, fans and followers on the district and Superintendent social media pages
    •Increase the number of positive customer service experiences

    •Provide communication training for schools and staff to enhance customer service satisfaction
    •Develop marketing campaigns to enhance district initiatives
    •Create campus tour videos
    •Use social media to improve transparency
    •Develop meaningful employee recognition programs
    •Increase the use of communication tools to share district news, achievements, and celebrations
    •Promote the District Strategic Plan
    •Conduct surveys focused on customer service and communications
    •Engage local legislators on district needs and achievement
    •Enlist and empower students as voices of academic, school, and district achievement