ESE Requirements for Renewal

Beginning July 1, 2014, any applicant for renewal or reinstatement of a Florida professional certificate must earn at least (1) semester hour of college credit or the equivalent 20 inservice points of training in the instruction of students with disabilities (SWD) (1012.585, F.S.).  If you have a total of 20 points listed on your inservice record, during your current certification period, you have met the requirement for renewal. If not, there are many OPTIONS in Hernando for completing these 20 points.

Important information for participants enrolling in a course with a follow-up activity, who are not currently working or retired from Hernando: If you have enrolled in an independent study course with a follow-up activity, it must be reviewed and verified for satisfactory completion by a Florida school district administrator or supervisor in the field of education. FDLRS staff do not review and verify follow-up activities. It is your responsibility, prior to starting a course, to ensure that you have a Florida school district administrator or supervisor who is willing to verify the completion of your follow-up activity. If you do not have one, you may want to register for a different BESE Portal facilitated course that does not require an administrator’s verification signature.

Option : Independent Online Study Modules through the BEESS Portal

These independent study courses are available in a variety of topics, ranging from non-credit to 20 inservice credits. To access these independent study courses: go to - on the right side under Independent study, select Register/Sign-in to create an account and then enroll. Once complete, use the Out of District process to submit your certificate of completion to have the course added to your inservice record in Hernando County.  Many of these courses support the recertification requirement of 20 inservice credits in teaching students with disabilities (1012.585, F.S.).  Please see the chart identifying which courses meet the SWD requirement - it is located on the Professional Development Info Icon in First Class.

**Please use your Hernando County email address when creating an account and enrolling in these courses