What We Do...

  • The Division of Academic Services is under the direction of the Executive Director of Academic Services. The Division of Academic Services supports all activities involving Curriculum and Assessment, Federal Programs, Exceptional Student Support Services, Professional Development, Technology Information Services and Adult & Community Education.


Our Staff

  • Gina Michalicka
    Assistant Superintendent of Teaching & Learning
    Phone: (352) 797-7051 ext.404
    Fax: (352) 797-7151 fax
    Email: michalicka_g@hcsb.k12.fl.us

    Gloria Jedinak
    Executive Secretary
    Phone: (352) 797-7051 ext. 442
    Fax: (352) 797-7151 fax
    Email: jedinak_g@hcsb.k12.fl.us

    Teaching & Learning
    Phone: (352) 797-7051 ext. 435