• •     Direct investigations regarding violations to Code of Ethics, School Board Policy, and etc. Coordinates with FLDOE on these matters.

    •     Direct bullying/harassment complaints at District Level.

    •     Provide training, assist and advise administrators on all investigatory matters.

    •     Provide training, assist and advise administrators on evaluation tools.


    •     Oversight of the Professional Improvement Plans for Instructional Staff.

    •     Coordinate with Human Resources on all evaluations.

    •     Coordinate with Professional Development on Frontline/My Learning Plan, Probationary Contract Teacher’s and as needed.

    •     Facilitate EMART and Site Based Administrative Evaluation Committee. Contact for Equity and yearly reporting. 

    •     Support the Executive Director of Business Services as designated.



  • Matthew Goldrick
    Supervisor of Professional Standards
    Phone: (352) 797-7019, ext. 451 Direct #870-451
    Fax: (352) 797-7119
    Email: goldrick_m@hcsb.k12.fl.us

    Karen Watson
    Employee Relations Specialist
    Phone: (352) 797-7019, ext. 489 Direct #870-489
    Fax: (352) 797-7119
    Email: watson_k@hcsb.k12.fl.us