• Support Operations believes our first responsibility is to our customers:  the students, faculty, and staff of Hernando County Schools.  Our teams from Facilities Operations, Food and Nutrition, and Transportation have the knowledge and are focused to support high levels of achievement, maximize resources and meet obligations.  Together, we embrace a culture that promotes ideas and innovation as it encourages creativity and constant improvement.  We deliver high quality service to support our customers so they can be successful.


  • Sean Arnold
    Executive Director of Support Operations
    Phone: (352) 797-7063
    Fax: (352) 797-7163
    Email: arnold_s@hcsb.k12.fl.us

    Cindy Fala
    Executive Secretary
    Phone: (352) 797-7063, Ext. 425
    Fax: (352) 797-7163
    Email: fala_c@hcsb.k12.fl.us

    Lori Drenth
    Director of Food and Nutrition Services Department
    Phone: (352) 797-7028
    Fax: (352) 797-7128
    Email: drenth_l@hcsb.k12.fl.us

    Bill Hall
    Director of Fire, Safety & Security
    Phone: (352)797-7054
    Fax: (352)797-7154
    Email: hall_b@hcsb.k12.fl.us

    Ralph Leath
    Director of Transportation
    Phone: (352) 797-7003
    Fax: (352) 797-7103
    Email: hernandoschoolstransportation@hcsb.k12.fl.us

    Director of Facilities Operations
    Phone: (352) 797-7050