• Dress Code:  

    Students will be required to wear a school shirt and follow district-appropriate bottoms (jeans, pants, shorts & capris). Parents will pay a $25.00 fee to receive at least three school shirts.  Students can purchase additional shirts for $5.00 per shirt. Pants and shorts must be worn at the waist.  No rips or tears are allowed above the knee.  Shorts must be no shorter than mid thigh all the way around the leg. Belts must be worn, with shirts tucked in.

    Endeavor students will lose points in conduct each day if they do not follow the school dress code.  These points will reduce their chances for rewards in our positive support system, as well as exit from the program.

    School sweatshirts are also available for purchase at specific points during the year, starting at $13 per sweatshirt. These are the only clothing items that may be worn over the uniform t-shirts. All other jackets and sweatshirts are to be hung up upon entry to school each day. 

    Please contact the school with any questions regarding dress code.