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    Brooksville Elementary School’s

                    Parental Involvement Plan Summary               



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    Schools that receive Title I funding must develop a written parent involvement plan and share it with parents.  The plan sets expectations and tells how the school will implement activities and processes to involve more parents.  The plan is a part of the School Improvement Plan submitted to the Florida Department of Education (FDOE).


    Title I Annual Meeting

    The Title I Annual Meeting and Back to School Night is held approximately one month after school begins. Parents receive information about the school’s grade and Title I.

    Parents are given information about academic and behavioral expectations, curriculum and assessments.


    Working with Other Agencies

    BES works with other agencies and programs including Exceptional Student Support Services (ESSS), and the Boys and Girls Club to coordinate services intended to help parents and children.

    Area businesses and community members support family involvement and student achievement activities.


    Parental Engagement at the School Level

    Brooksville Elementary hosts a variety of family events to help children improve in reading, writing and math.

    At every event that BES holds, parents are invited and encouraged to actively participate.


    Parents are Part of the Team

    Parents are an important part of decision making committees including the Family Engagement Team, Title I Committee, School Advisory Council and PTA. BES parent representatives participate in the District Family Engagement Team (FET) enhance their leadership skills and encourage other parents to become involved. Participating parents collaborate with school staff regarding Title I and parent engagement activities.


    Sharing Information about Student Performance and Title I

    Through Conferences

    Teachers initiate and schedule at least one parent conference each year for every student.   Parents and teachers discuss student progress and sign the Title I School-Home Compact. Parents are encouraged to schedule a conference with their child's teacher whenever there is a concern. Teachers are flexible in scheduling conferences to accommodate parents.  


    Parental Engagement Professional Development

    Training focused on increasing parental engagement, effective communication and family friendly schools is provided for BES faculty and staff.


    Providing Accommodations

    Parents who have a disability are accommodated upon request. BES’ campus is wheelchair accessible. 

    The Exceptional Student Support Services (ESSS) department can provide transportation during school hours for parents to attend conferences if needed. Please contact the school if you require assistance,

    Parents receive information about school events and activities in a variety of formats including Edline, Facebook, Class Dojo flyers, press releases, the school marquee and global phone messaging system.

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    Every Student Succeeds (ESSA) requires that the following information is shared with, and distributed annually to parents. The distribution of this document is formal notification to parents regarding the following issues:

    Right to Request Information

    Upon request, information about the professional qualifications of a student’s teacher(s) and paraprofessionals will be provided. Teacher qualifications are available for review in the school office.


    Parent Notification Regarding Student Performance on State Assessments

    Student performance on standardized assessments will be reported to parents at least once a year.