• Suncoast Elementary School

    Uniform Policy

    We truly Appreciate your support and cooperation in following our mandatory uniform policy.

    Shirts— Plain, solid-color (no stripes) polo style shirt without brand name logos in any color.

    Pants— Uniform pants, shorts, skirts/skorts, capris, jumpers in navy, black or tan/khaki. No jeans.

    Shoes— Tennis shoes/sneakers are the preferred shoe as they need to be worn on P.E. days in order for children to fully participate. No open-toed shoes.

    Spirit Days—Fridays Only On Fridays students have the option of wearing a uniform shirt, or a Suncoast spirit shirt with Suncoast’s insignia or mascot. Pants are to be uniform color and appropriate length.

    Winter Attire

    In addition to coats and sweaters, solid color shirts, leggings, or tights may be worn under the uniform, during cold weather.

    Uniforms MUST be worn on picture days and field trips.

    SAC Approved:
    March 2014