Anti-Bullying Announcement - September 2019

  • No Bullying - Safe School Zone At Chocachatti Elementary we all share the responsibility of working together to make each other feel respected and safe. Sometimes we have a conflict with another person. This is a disagreement that happens when people want different things or see things differently. The people involved have equal power to solve the problem. ALL kids have conflicts and sometimes they lead to arguments if we aren’t careful. If you find that you cannot resolve the conflict between you and another student, you should first agree to talk about it later. Sometimes we just need a little time before we can work it out. If you have tried several strategies and cannot resolve the conflict, you could ask a trusted adult for assistance. This is not tattling, it is asking for help solving a problem.

    Please understand that bullying is NOT a term we use for something that is a CONFLICT. Remember, conflict means we both have equal power to solve the problem. If an adult handles a situation at school, they will let the office know if it might be bullying. Often what students may see is different once the adult questions all the students involved so you may not know the whole story. The adult is in charge of getting the perspectives from all involved. Bullying is when someone is experiencing a repeated, targeted IMBALANCE of power and is AFRAID of the other person. Make sure you report to the nearest adult if you are ever afraid of something.

    If you feel that something you see or experience is possibly life threatening or could lead to great danger for another student or yourself, you should tell an adult as soon as possible. Make sure you tell the nearest adult. Make sure the adult heard you mention your concerns and tells you he/she will take care of it. If you aren’t sure the adult heard you, please let your classroom teacher know what happened and what adult you informed.

    Remember, conflicts happen to ALL kids. Sometimes we need help to resolve conflict. Also remember, we ALL make mistakes. Make sure you give others the opportunity to apologize for the mistake. Let’s work really hard this year to learn how to resolve conflicts and to make sure we all feel respected and safe.