• Leading Ladies will meet Wednesday mornings in Ms. Ferraro's classroom.  An announcement will be made that morning regarding what grade level will be meeting that week.  Meetings are usually divided by grade levels.  1st and 2nd grade meet together; 3rd and 4th grade; 5th grade.  Once per month we will all meet as one large group.  

Our Leading Ladies

  • Leading Ladies Wednesday Attire


    • Uniforms
    • Dresses/skirts
    • Slacks or pants outfit
    • Leggings under skirt or dress


    • Spaghetti straps
    • Jeans
    • Leggings with t-shirts

    If Leading Ladies want to wear shoes to match their outfits, they must bring tennis shoes/sneakers for PE.

    Skirts/dresses need to be at least fingertip length with arms straight down.