Purpose Prep

In alignment with your school's vision, goals, and desire to see students succeed, your school is
partnering with Edgenuity to bring in Purpose Prep's nationally adopted Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
curriculum. Your 6-12th grade child will be enrolled in the curriculum, which will allow him or her to
develop social and emotional skills, as well as to define and enhance his or her purpose throughout the

Purpose Prep is a premier K-12 Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum and service provider
committed to bringing evidence-based, media-rich, and relevant curriculum into schools around the
world. Purpose Prep is transforming learning for students, teachers and leadership through its dynamic
model called "The Whole Human," preparing students for learning, career, relationships, and life. The
model enhances Emotional Intelligence (EQ), which is a powerful indicator for future success.

Edginuity & Purpose Prep

Whole Human Model