(Revised 9/19/22)

Each student is expected to comply with the NCTHS dress code policies outlined below. These policies are designed to promote discipline, maintain order, keep the learning environment safe and free from unnecessary distractions and to provide a healthy environment conducive to academic purpose. Any student who is not in compliance will be removed from class and must call a parent for a change of clothing. If the parent is unable to bring the proper clothing, the student will be placed in ISS until a change of clothing is provided by the Parent/Guardian. During this time, all class assignments will be requested from the student’s teacher(s).


Sun Protective Wear:

Students are allowed to wear sun protective gear such as sunglasses and hats while outdoors and engaged in school related activities such as during physical education.

No sunglasses (unless prescribed by a physician) are to be worn in classrooms.

Hoods may not be worn in classrooms. Hats may be worn indoors as long as ears are not covered. Teachers may ask students to remove hats if they block the sight of another student in the classroom.


Pants must be worn at the hips or in such a way that prevents exposure of undergarments or body parts in an indecent or vulgar manner. Spandex pants/shorts may not be see through. Spandex pants/shorts that include mesh may not be worn unless the mesh is below mid-thigh.

Pants with rips may be worn as long as undergarments or body parts are not exposed in an indecent or vulgar manner. Large rips may not be above mid-thigh.

Pants Not Allowed – Boxer shorts, pajamas, and see through clothing items (unless the see-through portion is below mid-thigh).

Shorts, Skirts, and Dresses:

Shorts, skirts, and dresses should be no shorter than mid-thigh.

Shirts and Blouses:

Shirts and blouses must be long enough to go past the top of your pants/shorts/skirt in a neutral position. Blouses with a neckline that dip below the line formed between the right and left armpit are prohibited.

Tank tops may only be worn with straps that extend to three fingers. Racerback tank tops are allowed as long as the straps extend to three fingers or more, and no undergarments are visible at any time. Tube tops, spaghetti strap tops, muscle shirts, crop tops, halter tops, or tank undershirts are not permitted.

Please Note: Wearing an outer garment such as a jacket or sweater over clothing items that are listed as NOT ALLOWED DOES NOT make them dress code acceptable.


Sandals, slides, flip-flops, clogs, mules, and open toed shoes MAY be worn; however, when in their assigned labs or during PE, students may not wear high heels and must have closed shoes.


Should be worn in such a way that doesn’t present a safety or health hazard.                          

Not Allowed: Spiked jewelry or accessories for example wallet with chains or dog chains.

Non-Negotiables – Any apparel that is determined to be inappropriate, disruptive to the educational environment or offensive to good taste by the Principal or Designee of the school are prohibited.
Examples: Spiked jewelry/accessories, wallet/dog chains, attributes that denote gang membership, advocate drugs, tobacco products, alcohol, violence, sexual innuendo and profanity. Bandanas are not to be worn, displayed or carried onto NCTHS school grounds.

Disclaimer: Exceptions to the dress code policy will be noted in advance for special occasions and activities such as:  Homecoming and/or any themed activities.