Applied Welding

Employment Opportunities

  • Welder Assistant
  • Welder SMAW
  • Welder

Industry Certification and License

  • Students will be prepared to take an AWS (American Welding Society) Exam

Salary Information

  • Welder, Solder, Brazer can be expected to make between $21,630 and $82,350
  • Salary estimates are not guaranteed.
    Source: www.Salary.com

Main Campus Business Office

4057 California St.
Brooksville, FL 34604


Course Description
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Program Description

This program includes classroom and shop instruction and prepares students for employment in the welding industry. The course is multi-tiered and students entering this program will develop the knowledge and skills, both basic and intermediary, for employment in Shielded Metal Arc Welding, Gas Metal Arc Welding, Flux-Core Arc Welding and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding to professional competency. The training includes but is not limited to, use of blueprints and/or shop drawings, use of gases and/or welding processes according to diagram, blueprints or written specifications.

Program Structure

  • Welder Assistant 1 — 150 Hours
  • Welder Assistant 2 — 150 Hours
  • Welder, SMAW 1 — 150 Hours
  • Welder, SMAW 2 — 150 Hours
  • Welder — 450 Hours

Program Requirements

The State of Florida requires students to meetthe basic skill level requirement priorto program completion.
The basic skills grade levels for this program are:
  • Math: 9
  • Language: 9
  • Reading: 9
  • Uniform: Closed toe shoes, Dickie’s work wear

Completion Requirements

A student must have passed all required courses in the program and satisfied all financial obligations before he or she is eligible to receive a certifi-cate of completion for the program.


In State Tuition: $2.44 per program hour (1,050 Hours)
Out of State Tuition: $9.32 per program hour (1,050 Hours)
*Tuition and all fees are subject to change - refer to supply list for pricing


Monday through Thursday, 4pm - 9pm (53 weeks)


Central High School
14075 Ken Austin Parkway, Brooksville, FL 34613