Frequently Asked Questions - 1:1 Student Laptop Program

Frequently Asked Questions - 1:1 Student Laptop Program

Who gets a laptop? All students will be offered the opportunity to get a laptop with a signed opt-in agreement form.

Are students required to take a laptop? No, parents can opt-out by using the Student Opt-Out Form.

Do students still have a laptop to use in school if they opt-out? Students who opt-out will have access to a computer or device. This will be what is available at the school site.

Can a student bring their own laptop or device to school instead of accepting the district device? Yes, and they can connect to the HCSD guest wireless network to access web-based resources anywhere they have internet connection.

Do students get to take the laptop home? Yes! The device is intended to help access academic resources and extend learning while at home.

What is the expectation of students who opt-in? Students are expected to bring their laptop back and forth from home to school daily. Students are expected to charge their device every evening and come with it charged and ready to use in class. Students should report any issues right away.

What if a device is damaged? All devices come with limited insurance for accidental damage and normal wear and tear. Lost laptops are not covered by the insurance plan and families are responsible if the computer is not returned. Lost laptops should be reported immediately, they are tracked by serial numbers and the TIS department can lock them down. Damages should be reported immediately and sent to the network tech for evaluation.

Will students return them at the end of the year? If the student plans to return to the same school the next year, they will not have to return the device.

What if a student transfers to another school? The student will be required to return the device. The new school will issue a laptop to the student.

How will teachers be supported in the classroom? Each school is assigned an instructional technology specialist that is available for instructional support. This can be in the form of 1:1 support as requested by individual teachers, professional development as requested by administrators, or modeling/co-teaching as requested by the teacher.

District Technology support for families: Students can contact the HCSD Student Help Desk, available Monday – Friday (325) 797-7002.