Dress Code Policy - Grades PreK-5 (Mandatory)

  • -Students are expected to be well-groomed and neatly dressed and should not wear clothing or accessories which are distracting or harmful to themselves and/or others.
    -Clothing is to support the professional academic atmosphere of a school classroom. Attire must not be disruptive to the learning environment.
    -All clothing is to be neat, clean, without rips or holes, and appropriately fitted.


    Students have the option to wear:

       *Any solid color polo style shirt with or without J.D. Floyd school logo.
       *T-Shirts are only allowed with the Floyd logo.
       *Solid color sweaters or sweatshirts with or without zipper. An approved top must be underneath.
       *All shirts must have either long or short sleeves.


       *NO sleeveless or capped sleeves.
       *NO tight fitting shirts.
       *NO large logos or emblems allowed on tops.
       *NO spandex or stretch material of any kind.
       *NO zippers or laces on shirts.


       *Solid color (Navy, Black or Khaki) uniform style shorts or long pants.
       *Solid color (Navy, Black or Khaki) jumper dresses, capri's, skorts, or skirts are to be the size for the student and worn securely at the waist. Their length will extend NO MORE THAN 2 inches above the knee. No slits or holes.
       *All bottoms must be worn securely at the waist, and legs should fit properly.


       *NO cargo pants or cargo shorts.
       *NO leggings, sweats, jeans, denim, spandex, pajamas, parachute pants, boxers, athletic pants, stretchy or nylon materials of any kind.
       *NO tight fitting pants.
       *NO below the waist or hip-huggers.
       *NO chains hanging from pants.
       *NO wide flares or lace-up pants.


       *Shoes must have closed back and toe. Athletic shoes or tennis shoes are preferable.
       *No flip flops/slippers or wheeled shoes.
       *No heels higher than 2 inches.
       *For safety reasons, no open toed shoes, heels, platforms or sandals.


       *An approved top must be worn underneath.
       *Zip-up fiber filled jackets, and heavy sweaters are to be solid color, and may have solid color stripes.
       *Jackets may only be worn when appropriate for the weather.


       *Keep all jewelry to a minimum. Students will be doing outdoor activities where jewelry can be easily misplaced or lost.
       *Large hoop earrings or dangles are not permitted.
       *Armbands, wallet chains, and sunglasses may not be worn.
       *Heavy chain-link necklaces should not be worn.
       *No jelly bracelets


       *Visors, sweatbands, bandanas, scarves may not be worn during school hours.
       *Hoods, hats, ski caps are not permitted inside the building

    Hair color/Personal Grooming

       *Non-permanent and unnatural hair color may not be worn.
       *Glitter may not be worn.
       *Sprayed hair that is punked or spiked unreasonably is not allowed.

    Dress Code Violations

    All students are expected to follow the dress code policy. If this does not occur, the following actions will take place:


       *1st Offense: Parent called to bring appropriate clothes/school loaner – Teacher will send home a warning notice.
       *2nd Offense: Parent called to bring appropriate clothing/school loaner, Guidance Counselor referral and lunch detention
       *3rd Offense: Parent called to bring appropriate clothing/school loaner and lunch detention.
       *4th Offense: Referral to administrator with a written discipline for ISS.


       *Special School Events
       *Medical Conditions

    The Administration reserves the right to determine what constitutes appropriate attire. Adjustments to the dress code may be made as deemed necessary.