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Criteria for Major Event Attendance


Please be reminded of the criteria for students to attend major school events such as Prom, Grad Night, etc.


This criteria states that any student who has served ISS or OSS during the second semester beginning Jan. 9, 2018 will not be permitted to attend major events.  Any student who has committed certain Level 2, a Level 3, or a Level 4 offense according to the Code of Conduct at any time since the first day of the school year in August may be denied attendance to events.  However, students who have received one discipline notice resulting in ISS during the second semester may complete an appeal form to request approval to attend events.


Also, students must have no outstanding media center material, no unpaid notices of obligations, and must maintain a 90% attendance rate in all class periods to be allowed to attend specified school events.


The Prom Permission Form will be posted on Edline 4 to 5 weeks before the date of the Prom for your review.