Uniform Policy

BES Administration reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of uniform, accessories, or any other aspect of students’ attire or general physical appearance.

STATEMENT: We believe every student is entitled to a safe and disciplined learning environment. We further believe it is the responsibility of the entire faculty, staff and administration of Brooksville Elementary to provide this type of environment and encourage positive behavior. Research has shown that at schools in which there is a uniform dress policy, students not only exhibit better behavior, but have higher academic achievement as well.

Uniform Dos:

  • Pants, shorts, skorts, jumpers, collared uniform dresses and/or capris in khaki, navy, black, brown or grey
  • Jeans, properly fitting
  • Traditional solid-color polo shirts, short or long-sleeved, in any color
  • Solid color blouses or shirts with collars and buttons, in any color
  • Tennis shoes (sneakers), tied or Velcro on top
  • Neat, clean, properly fitting clothing
  • Shorts, skirts and skorts must be fingertip length or longer
  • Shoe laces must be tied on top

Cold Weather Options:

  • Long-sleeved, solid-colored polos, button-up shirts or blouses
  • Solid colored sweatshirts or sweaters worn over uniform shirts with collars showing
  • Solid colored turtlenecks
  • Jackets, coats or sweaters

Uniform DON’Ts:

  • No colors for pants, skirts, skorts and jumpers other than khaki, navy, brown, grey or black
  • No ripped or baggy pants or jeans. Jeans must be worn with uniform tops.
  • No denim/jean capris or shorts, jeggings, or skinny jeans.
  • No pants, etc. that are knit, spandex, sweatpants (nylon or baggy)
  • No shirts with zippers, snaps, laces or hook and eye fasteners and sleeveless or cap sleeves
  • No t-shirts, tank tops or any other kind of undergarment hanging out or showing under uniform shirts
  • No regular dresses and long skirts
  • No boots, sandals, stacked heels, flip flops, backless, dress, deck, slip on or skate shoes


  • 1st Time: Student calls parent from class to bring uniform clothing.
  • 2nd Time: Student is sent to ISS.
  • 3rd Time: Student is sent to ISS.

Accessory DO’s

  • Regular belts
  • Hair bows, hairbands, barrettes,
  • Modest amount of jewelry, worn correctly
  • Neat, clean hairstyle

Accessory DON’T’s:

  • No bracelets/large necklaces that are disruptive
  • No hairstyles, colors and /or any other accessory that may be distracting to other students
  • No acrylic or fake nails or make-up
  • No belts that tie or are worn below waist-level
  • No hats, caps or head coverings except while at an outdoor activity
  • No large hoop, dangling or spiked earrings

PTO uniform exchange

PTO has a uniform exchange program where parents may bring in uniform items that their children have outgrown. Clothing must be in good condition, free from rips, tears, or stains, and needs to have buttons and zippers in working condition. Used uniforms may be swapped. Donations gratefully accepted at any time.