Kindness Announcement

Be KindCongratulations students and staff on the beginning of another great school year.  The office staff has observed many kind and helpful students.  We love seeing you bringing up your Citizenship Slips because you demonstrated the skills of a good citizen.

We want you to continue to help each other and support your classmates in making good choices. Please remember that you have plenty of adults to help in case you need them. If you need help to resolve a conflict with another student, please find the nearest staff member when the conflict arises.  For instance, if you and a friend are arguing at PE, please tell the nearest coach before you leave PE. If you have a problem on the bus, let the driver know. They want to help you as well.  As always, if the nearest adult cannot help you, you can ask for a form to fill out so the Guidance Counselor can try to help.

Some people use the term bullying for situations that are really conflicts between people. It is important to only use the word bullying for something serious that happens over a period of time.  Remember that we can all prevent bullying if we work together to resolve conflicts when they happen.

Conflicts happen even when we try to get along with others.  It is okay for you to decide that a conflict is something that was just a bad day between two people.  Sometimes we have to let it go and continue our friendship when we are both feeling better.

Let’s continue to have a great year where each person is respectful, responsible, trustworthy, and kind.  Show your Chocachatti PRIDE.