Dress Code

Basic Requirements:

SHIRTS: Collared, polo-style shirt, blouse or oxford-style button down shirt, including polo dresses. (Short or long sleeved; small logo acceptable)
SHIRT COLOR: Any shirt color is acceptable as long as the shirts are a SOLID color. No stripes or patterns.
BOTTOMS: Pants, skirts, shorts, skorts or jumpers are acceptable. No jeans, spandex, leggings, stretch pants or sweat pants
BOTTOM COLORS: Only khaki, dark blue or black bottoms are acceptable.
SHOES: Only tennis shoes (sneakers), tied or Velcro on top.

Other Important Things to Know:

  • Clothing must be of length and fit that are suitable to the build and stature of the student.
  • Shirts must be long enough to clearly overlap the beltline or stay tucked in.
  • Jumpers, skirts and shorts must be at least mid-thigh or below in length.
  • Clothing must not be see-through or have tears.
  • Hats and sunglasses may not be worn inside an enclosed school building.
  • Fridays are Spirit Days: Students may wear any Eastside Elementary T-shirt and dress code appropriate bottoms.
  • On cold weather days, solid colored sweatshirts, sweatshirts or jackets may be worn.

Questions and Answers:

Q.  Where can uniforms be purchased?
A.  You may already have clothes that meet uniform policy standards or you can buy them from any retail store, discount store, consignment shop, uniform company or catalog. As long as the clothing meets the requirements, it doesn’t matter where you get it.
Q.  What if my child violates the uniform policy?
A.  Your child’s first uniform violation will result in a warning. Further violations could result in loss of privileges, in-school suspension or in extreme cases, out-of-school suspension.

Q.  Is there any consideration for financial hardships?
A.  The Family Center at EES has worked with families to provide many different needs, uniform items included. Please see Mrs. Drake if you have a need.
For additional information on uniform violations, please review the Student Code of Conduct.

Consequences of Uniform Violation

First uniform violation: Student will be sent to the ISS room (in-school suspension) with their agenda where they will receive a verbal warning and a note home in their planner/agenda.
Second uniform violation: Student will be sent to the ISS room where a parent will be called to bring in the appropriate clothing/shoes. Student in violation will wait in ISS for the clothing/shoes from home to arrive and once changed will return to their classroom.
Third uniform violation: Student will be assigned to the ISS room for the day. Parent will still be called to bring in the appropriate clothing/shoes.
Repeated uniform violations: Student will be referred to administration for further review and possible out-of-school suspension.