Administration has the final authority to decide if clothing items and accessories comply with the dress code policy.

Clothing is to support the professional academic atmosphere of a school. Attire must not be disruptive or cause a distraction to the learning environment.  Illuminated clothing, illuminated accessories, costume-like apparel, costume-like clothing, and costume-like accessories are not permitted. Undergarments are NOT to be visible.

Students’ Rights

Students have the right to dress comfortably in a way appropriate to the school setting.

Students’ Responsibilities

Students have the responsibility to dress in a non-offensive manner to others that is compliant with school, classroom, and extracurricular rules.

The following procedures are established to promote discipline, maintain order and provide a healthy environment conducive to academic purposes. Students are required to wear appropriate clothing and shoes according to the situation and the grade level involved. Inappropriate clothing and appearance are disruptive to the school program. Principals will enforce adherence to the dress code using measures within their jurisdiction. School administrators have final authority to decide if clothing complies with district rules.

 A. SUN PROTECTIVE WEAR – Students will be allowed to wear sunglasses, hats with visors or other sun protective items when outdoors while engaged in school related activities such as physical education or recess. No head coverings, hats or sunglasses (unless prescribed by a physician) are to be worn in the school building or hallways. HOODIES ARE NOT TO BE WORN ON THE HEAD ANYWHERE ON CAMPUS. Upon the first violation hoodies will be traded for a t-shirt/sweatshirt for the remainder of the day.

B. PANTS Pants are to be worn at the waist, not below the waist or in such a way to expose undergarments or body parts in an indecent or vulgar manner or in a manner that disrupts the orderly learning environment. RIPS: ARE ALLOWED at the knee and below. ANY RIP ABOVE THE KNEE MUST HAVE A PERMANENTLY INSTALLED PIECE OF FABRIC MATERIAL TO COVER SKIN. Boxer shorts, pajamas, see through items and other bedroom attire are not allowed. Spandex pants and leggings may only be worn with a top that reaches mid-thigh or below as not to expose undergarments and/or body parts.

C. SHIRTS AND BLOUSES – Must be long enough that no skin is visible even with arms raised. Blouses with a neckline that dip below the line formed between the right and left armpit are prohibited. Spaghetti straps, tank tops, muscle shirts, and shirts with cut off sleeves are also prohibited.

D. SHORTS, SKIRTS, AND DRESSES – To determine if shorts, skirts, and dresses are too short: while a student is standing with arms fully extended at the side of his/her legs- shorts, skirts, or dresses should reach to the student’s longest fingertips while touching the material, not skin. Dresses with a neckline that dip below the line formed between the left and right armpit are prohibited.

E. UNACCEPTABLE ATTIRE – Any apparel, tattoo, or marking that is determined inappropriate, disruptive to the educational environment, or considered offensive to good taste by the principal or designee of the school is prohibited. Inappropriate attire includes any jewelry that presents a safety or health hazard such as spiked jewelry or accessories; costume accessories, wallet chains, or dog chains; or bandanas worn, displayed, or carried onto campus. Unacceptable tattoos or markings that are permanent must be covered. Any inappropriate manner of grooming, which by color arrangement, trademark, or other attributes denotes membership in a gang, advocates drugs, tobacco products, alcohol, violence, sexual innuendo, profanity, or has caused disruption is also prohibited.

F. FOOTWEAR – Students must wear shoes that are safe and appropriate for the specific learning environment. Tennis shoes are recommended in most settings throughout the school. Tennis shoes are REQUIRED for participation in P.E. Flip flops, costume shoes, or house/bath slippers are not to be worn on campus. Note: Students enrolled in vocational/technical/lab classes may be required to wear clothing appropriate to a specific training in which students could be participating.