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Dress Code

Dress for Success

  • Clothing is to support the professional academic atmosphere of a school classroom.
  • Attire must not be disruptive or distractive to the learning environment.
  • Clothing, except school-sponsored items, cannot have graphics or writing larger than a credit card.
  • Illuminated clothing, illuminated accessories, costume-like apparel, costume-like clothing, and costume-like accessories are not permitted.
  • Undergarments are NOT to be visible.
  • Administration has the final authority to decide if clothing items and accessories comply with the dress code policy.

All clothing items must be clean and without holes, rips and appropriately fitted.
Materials: Cotton or cotton-polyester blend. NO stretchy/spandex/form fitting items.
Shoes: sneakers are recommended. Sandals/crocs must have strap around the heel.

Appropriate Tops


  • Polo/golf; with collar, and 2-8 buttons
  • Must have sleeves (no tank or capped styles)
  • Button down permitted (must stay buttoned)
  • Any Parrott Middle School t-shirt


  • All Shirts MUST be long enough to cover the midriff area when both arms are raised.


  • Plaid, striped, or solid colors.
    • (polo style or button down)
  • Under shirts may be worn under approved tops but should not be visible.
  • Solid color sweaters, sweatshirts (hoodies) can be worn with an approved top underneath.

Appropriate Bottoms


  • Pants, trousers, capris, joggers, skirts, skorts, shorts
    • NO sweats or athletic wear
    • Joggers may not be sweat or athletic wear material 


  • Pants are to be regular fit, worn at the waist and does not drag.
  • Pants must have the ability to be gently pulled away from the skin.
  • Shorts/skorts: Are to be properly fitted and may not be shorter than 4 inches above the top of the knee cap.
  • Skirts/dresses: Length (including slits) are to be NO MORE THAN 2 inches above the knee.


  • Dark blue, black, gray and/or khaki solid color
  • Students may wear jeans - must be traditional blue or black denim, no colors
  • No jean shorts/skirts/skorts

From the Student Code of Conduct

Appenidx C
E. Unacceptable Attire  - Any apparel that is determined inappropriate, disruptive to the educational environment, or offensive to good taste by principal or designee of the school such as; jewelry, tattoos, or markings must be covered, accessories or manner of grooming, which by virtue of color arrangement, trade mark, or other attributes that denotes membership in a gang, advocates drugs, tobacco products, alcohol, violence, sexual innuendo, profanity, or has caused disruption is prohibited.

1.      Jewely should be worn in such a way that doesn't present a safety or health hazard such as spiked jewelry or accessories
2.       Wallet chains and dog chains are not permitted
3.       Bandanas are not to be worn, displayed, or carried onto campus.

Parents will be called to bring clothes each time the student is in violation during the first quarter.

District Policy taken from the Student Code of Conduct
First Offense - A student shall be given a verbal warning and the administrator or their designee shall call the student's parent or guardian to bring a change of clothes. DSPMS Policy – Parent notified and DSPMS loaner clothes offered
Second Offense - The student is ineligible to participate in any extracurricular activity for a period of time not to exceed five (5) days, may lose a privilege and the school administrator or their designee shall call, meet with the student's parent or guardian and ask them to bring a change of clothes. DSPMS Policy- Parent notified and lunch detention will be assigned.  DSPMS loaner clothes offered
Third or Subsequent Offense - A student shall receive an in-school suspension pursuant to s.1003.01(5) for a period not to exceed three (3) days, the student is ineligible to participate in any extracurricular activity for a period not to exceed thirty (30) days, may lose additional privileges and the school administrator or their designee shall call the student's parent or guardian to bring a change of clothes, send the parent or guardian a written letter regarding the student's in-school suspension and ineligibility to participate in extracurricular activities. (Section 1006.07, Florida Statutes.)  DSPMS Policy- Parent will be notified and discipline will be written.

*After the 1st nine weeks, any student out of dress code will be automatically sent to ISS for the remainder of the day or an equivalent of 7 periods, Additional consequences may be added based on the level of offense.