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Explorer K-8….where PRIDE reigns!

letter Positivity is the defining attitude on the Explorer K-8 campus.  The Bobcat Nation is home to more than 200 smiling educators meeting the needs of 1600+ eager learners.  Our beautiful and expansive indoor campus is vibrant with activity of a school family stepping forward in their journey toward excellence.

Letter Reliability describes the Bobcat support system, with Principal Lisa Braithwaite and Assistant Principals Eric Schwartz and Andrew MacGregor leading the way.  We are proud to house a dedicated staff of three Guidance Counselors, a Social Worker, two teachers on administrative assignment, an elementary assistant, a behavioral specialist, an assessment teacher, a school resource officer, secretaries, paraprofessionals and environmental service techs all working together to give every Bobcat student the supports needed to experience success.

  Letter Inspirational words and inspiring accomplishments decorate the school.  From the Pre-K’s ABC’s to the 8th grade’s multifaceted essays, counting by 1’s  to complex algebra, dribbling practice to District Championships,  EK-8 inspires the artists, musicians, athletes, techies, writers, and solvers, nurturing a thriving band and chorus, PBiS activities, Student Council, and Claw clubs that nurture blossoming talents, and celebrate every success. 

Letter Determination marks the face of the Bobcat family, as we embrace our neighborhood school, face our challenges and dare to be bold in accomplishing our goals.   Explorer K-8 is proud to be a center school for students of every exceptionality and talent, recognizing the rich opportunities for diverse experiences within our walls.  

Letter Empowered to be the BEST you can be!’ is the phrase that starts every day on the Explorer K-8 campus, and is the driving force that keeps the Bobcat Nation PROUD to be a family.

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