A Message from the Principal:

We at Hernando eSchool believe that students learn best when students, their instructors, family, peers, and community members interact as educational partners and facilitate learning, and share responsibility for student success.  We collaborate with our families to ensure that students have daily success in our courses. We believe that instruction should include a variety of assessment techniques that address various modalities and learning styles that establish both the pace and path by which each student learns best.  We are in daily communication with our students and parents through grading feedback, text and phone calls about student’s individualized learning plan and path as they move through the content provided in our courses.

Students are provided with qualified support services that assist them in making appropriate academic choices unique to their personal educational goals. They are provided with assessments that are used to ascertain student knowledge, monitor student progress, and allow for evaluation of the processes as well as the products of education. Our goal is for student to assume an increased responsibility for their own learning, ultimately earning a diploma, or a completed set of transcripts, and moving into the next journey in their life.

Ms. Wiseman