​Testimonials from our Students, Parents and Staff

We wanted to thank you so very much for making Jackson's first eschool experience such a great one! He really enjoyed your class and learned quite a bit about photography! He told us that if he takes an eschool course again in the future, he wants to take one that you will be teaching. So, thank you again and we wish you well for the remainder of this crazy school year!
Take care, The Glover Family

I want to thank you for the E School set up my son loved it. What a great way to learn so much different from where we came from. I don’t remember anything like this set up for the kids. Hats off to all the staff it’s been a challenging year to say.
Hernando eSchool has been a terrific opportunity for our two boys, ages 8 and 9.  They have been able to work at their own pace, and in flexible settings.  It has allowed us the time and flexibility to supplement their learning with things they are interested in.  As a parent of eschoolers, I am empowered to facilitate their learning and experiences in a way that I know works best for my children.  Throughout this process, they have also learned important skills such as planning their time to meet their goals, and questioning and researching to dig deeper when they want to know more.  They have grown to become independent learners who have a voice in their education.
 - Jessica Clark (Parent)
Teaching at Hernando eSchool has been an incredible journey! SUPPORT is the first word that comes to my mind when I think about my teaching experience at Hernando eSchool. The administration, teachers, and staff go above and beyond when it comes to being supportive! From day one, they have been more than willing to offer help and support to those of us new to eSchool, and have helped to make this a truly fulfilling and rewarding teaching experience! Every person I have had contact with at Hernando eSchool has backed up their supportive words with supportive actions, making my transition from a traditional classroom to online teaching seamless. From technology help, to writing IEP’s, to contacting families, someone is always ready and willing to lend a hand!
 The communication between the teachers and families as well as the communication between teachers and administration is open and constant, making it easy to teach my students and perform my professional teaching duties. I love working with my students and their families, and they have shown much appreciation through their kind words during Live Lessons, and via web mails, texts, and phone calls.
Thank you to my students; I’m so proud of all of your hard work this year! Thank you to my students’ families, for allowing me the pleasure of teaching your children and for your dedication to your roles as Learning Coaches! Thank you Mrs. Wiseman, Mrs. Coniglio, Mrs. Gregory, and all of the teachers and staff at Hernando eSchool, for making this one of the most unforgettable years in my 27 years of teaching in Hernando County!
Kim Jones, 2nd Grade Teacher, Hernando eSchool

Online school has helped me in more ways than I could've ever imagined. It has given me the flexibility to balance my education and social life while also allowing me the freedom to regulate my learning at a pace that is comfortable for me. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to achieve success in online school and still being able to graduate like a traditional high school student!
- Yveliz Olan, Class of 2021 Graduate

About seven years ago we were introduced to the E-School by an E-School teacher who talked to our family from the opposite side of a big table.  We conversed in the open air, shaded by a live oak tree, next to several once mobile steel-clad trailers which housed the E-School staff.  Our oldest daughter was told about online learning and was assured she could complete even high school in the E-School system.  The only requirement was a computer and a connection to the internet.  Her little sister was shown the books she would be using if she was also enrolled.
After a short family discussion that evening, we decided to give Hernando E-School a try.  In short, it has proven to be a wild success for our girls.  The girls have excelled in their studies enjoying the newfound freedoms E-School offers.  This success is due not only to our brilliant children but to the E-School program and friendly, professional staff.
It is an E-School advantage to be comforted, when dealing with a perplexing scholastic problem, by reaching over to pet your puppy who has been sitting next to you most of your school day.
Mr. Terry Benz

Our daughters have been enrolled in the Hernando E-School for the past 7 years. The experience has been a positive one overall. The quality of the curriculum is excellent, as is the support from the E-School staff. I feel this choice of education has given our daughters a head start in skills such as time management and personal responsibility. The Discussion Based Assessments, which are done periodically, require the student to be mindful of planning, scheduling, note taking, and teaches phone etiquette, all of which I feel are invaluable as they venture into their future careers.
Particularly during the last year, with Covid causing much uncertainty, knowing the kids didn't miss out on education and were able to keep pace, has been truly comforting.
I highly recommend the Hernando E-School program.
Mrs. Iza Moore

I originally started attending Hernando E-School in sixth grade, and I have continued with this program to my graduation this year. Hernando E-School provides a program that allows students to focus on their own schooling, without the downfalls of traditional in-classroom learning. I was able to work comfortably by doing so on my own schedule, while getting high grades in the process. My teachers have always been supportive, encouraging me to do my best and providing helpful criticism to better my future work. This school has helped me raise my confidence in what I do and helped to keep my standards for myself high, and for that, I couldn't be more grateful. I believe that my decision to attend Hernando E-School was one of the best I've ever made, and I have never once regretted it. 
I couldn't be more proud to be graduating from Hernando E-School, and I would highly recommend the experience.
Angelique Benz

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