Assessment Registration

STOP Part-time eSchool students who are enrolled in an on campus eSchool lab or are taking eSchool classes on their own will take their assessments at their school of attendance and should NOT register for assessments on this site. 


Home Education using eSchool Curriculum
Students registered in our Home Education Program must register for assessments with the School Choice office.
  • The following assessments are offered by the state for our Home Education eSchool students:
    • Grades 6-10 Reading, Writing and Math
    • ​Grade 7 Civics EOC
    • Grade 8 Science
    • Algebra 1 EOC
    • Geometry EOC
    • Biology EOC
    • US History EOC (High School course)
    • Florida Civics Literacy Exam (FCLE) – attached to US Government course

The School Choice office closes their registration approximately one month prior to the opening day of an administration window.

Click below to access their registration link (HINT: You will need to scroll to the bottom of their webpage to find the registration link).

Home Education webpage

You can also contact them at or 352-797-7000 ext. 478

Full-time eSchool

 Students will be automatically registered for the assessments they need and the Assessment Coordinator will be sending out testing dates and times to students through email. Emails will be sent to the parent/guardian email on file and will come from or

You should receive an email for testing no later than one month prior to the first day of the test administration (The only exception being the Fall administration due to ongoing registration). Below are some target dates to follow:

  • Fall – August 25th
  • Winter – November 1st
  • Spring Retakes – January 20th
  • Spring – March 1st
  • Summer – June 1st provided that the district is participating in summer testing.

If you do not receive an email, please contact the Assessment Coordinator directly.

  • Grades 6-12 will test at Hernando High School.
  • Grades 3-5 will test at Pine Grove Elementary.
  • These testing locations CANNOT be changed.

Families must confirm attendance as instructed for student’s to be placed on the roster.

NOTE: All students must be in Hernando County Dress code while on a school campus. Masks are optional this year. Questions about Dress code?