Welcome to Our School

Hernando eSchool is an innovative, virtual campus that expands access to education, meeting the needs of our learners and investing in the leaders of tomorrow.  We offer individualized education to our K-12 students with provision of flexibility in time and location.  We offer a variety of content mastery for various learning styles that enable students to assume responsibility for their own education.

Our students have the flexibility to accelerate through their courses to graduate early.

Our students have the flexibility to participate in our full-time program, our home-school program or our part-time program.

Our students have the flexibility of time and location to work on their courses daily.

Our Curriculum

Is driven by the standards and has the depth of the traditional classroom curriculum.  What is different is the delivery method.  Students can read the material for understanding at their pace, and re-read parts that they may not grasp the first time.  They can view the videos that visually support the concept that they are learning about.  They can talk to their teacher in a one-on-one setting to solidify concepts for mastery.  Attendance is mandatory in our classes for the continuum of learning to take place.  Students “show up” each week by turning in the assignments that are listed on their pace chart when they start the class.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are dedicated to the success of all students.  They can come out to labs to help students face-to-face.  They can meet students at times outside of the school day for support.  They are available for students when they are working in the course through phone calls, emails and text.

How we are Different from Other Online Providers

We are different because we use Hernando County teachers.  We have created many course offerings in Canvas that are more relevant to the culture of our students and provide more visual and graphic organization support for maximum learning potential. FTE stays in Hernando County so we can continue to fund and grow our programs of support for students. We have access to all of a student’s academic records so we are not guessing as to what the student has or has not taken to be on track for graduation. 

Student characteristics that would lead to success in an online environment. β€‹

  • Do you read at a level that is on your placed grade level?
  • ​​Or are you in a lab where one-on-one reading support is given?
  • Have you been successful in an online course before?
  • Are you committed to earning the credit?
  • Are you willing/motivated to take an online course?
  • Do you have a dedicated quiet workspace (at home or in a lab) in which to work in the course?

If you can answer “Yes” to these questions, then on-line learning would fit for you.