Parents are very cautious when signing any child up for eSchool. Many thoughts go through their mind, this is amplified when it is a 5-year-old entering​kindergarten. As a kindergarten teacher at eSchool, I love the relationship that builds between the families for their child’s success.
When a child is placed in eSchool, the first thing you will experience is receiving a welcome phone call from their teacher. We will not only discuss school expectations, but explain the many ways you can contact us. Getting to know the student and family members is a huge benefit of virtual instruction. You will find that there will be an easy line of communication with the teacher and that is my favorite aspect of teaching at eSchool. Students have the flexibility to be move at their own pace. I can support reteaching a lesson that needs more scaffolding, or enrich a lesson for a student who has shown mastery of understanding the purpose.
I have always enjoyed supporting and motivating students to learn, but this position gives me the opportunity to get to know the family and share strategies and tips for their child to be successful. I love our weekly live lessons and additional small group times for building and mastering foundational skills. Seeing the growth and light-bulbs of students as they learn their sounds, how to blend words, math concepts, reasoning, understanding and expressing their thoughts through speaking and writing is why I love teaching. Hernando eschool provides an outstanding foundation for learning at home.
Jessica Price, K teacher

I choose Hernando E-School for the 2020-2021 school year for my kindergartner due to the pandemic. Although I was apprehensive teaching in this type of learning environment, I found homeschool to be a great way for my child to learn/work on their own schedule without the pressure of a school's set schedule. Mrs.Price (my child's teacher) has been AWESOME and would love to have her as my child's *forever* teacher. Mrs.Price is for your child succeeding no matter how far behind or far ahead they happen to be. 
-Cesarina Defreese, K parent
One of the things that we have loved about eSchool is the flexibility of the schedule. We can work at our own pace and even work ahead, if we so choose. Working ahead has allowed us to take some additional days off during the week and will allow us to most likely finish our semester early. Hello longer summer break! 
-Beth Coldwell, K parent
I love the flexibility and convenience of Hernando eSchool, I love the fact my child can work at their own pace and not feel so pressured, the teachers are local, helpful, resourceful and uplifting. We look forward to another year with Hernando eSchool. 
-Mickilyn Sudano, K parent

I like learning online because I like looking at videos and learning from them. I like the way my teacher explained things to me. Mrs.Price is nice and sweet. I enjoy virtual Wednesdays with her and my classmates.
-Leilani Defreese, K student

Rocco is thriving this year in Kindergarten with more one on one learning. I am able to monitor what he needs the most help on and lessen extra time spent in areas he’s mastered quickly.
-Natalie Berg, K parent

To e-School OR NOT to e-School?
     Like many families, we were faced with this decision. We chose to e-School because of all the complications being caused by COVID-19. At first, there was definitely an adjustment period. You have to have a computer/laptop, printer, lots of copy paper, a student that wants to learn and PATIENCE!
     All of the websites provided (along with the physical materials you are given) have been easy to access, seem to be fun for the student and cover a wide range of learning information.
     Weekly LIVE LESSONS make it fun for the students and give them the opportunity to interact with their teacher and other students.
     You work one-on-one (at your pace/convenience) with your child but can ALWAYS get assistance from their teacher or directly from the program providers.
     SO, I must say that this has been a learning experience for me as well. I have a newly found respect for today’s teachers and principals! Kindergarten work is far more advanced today than it was in my time but Mya loves it and it is definitely worth a try.
-Grandma G, 70 years old
-Mya, K student

We are so pleased with Hernando eSchool. Ethan has learned so much. They provide you with everything you need for your child to succeed. Thank you Mrs. Price and all eSchool staff. Ethan we are really proud of you!
-The Hernandez Family, K parents
I have three children enrolled in E-School.  We originally enrolled our kids due to the pandemic not expecting that they would enjoy it as much as they do.  I have twins in Kindergarten.  They particularly enjoy the advantages of studying at home and the interactions in class.  Mrs. Price holds a bi-weekly reading review session online.  They look forward to shouting out their sight words and sounding out new words with blending.  
 My oldest is in fifth grade and appreciates working on her own schedule with the support of a teacher at school.  
 Frank Lembo, K & 5th grade parent

For myself, using the eschool program with Lilly, I like the fact that if she can not be able to attend class due to illness, appointments, etc., she doesn't fall behind by missing out on that portion of the class and I can pace it for her individually.  Slowing down where she struggles and moving more quickly through the things she already knows or picks up on easily.
Asking Lilly, she likes the videos in the program (seems a bit more entertaining than school work to her). She also likes where we can pace it to her individually. We can stop and dig deeper on the things she needs more help with. 
 And no passing runny noses around a class !!
-Alysha Fruchey, K parent 

 When I first started eSchool I thought it was going to be like a regular school but on a computer. I thought that I would have to move at a certain pace. In fact, It was not like that at all. I did at least one week in every class in one day. If I got stuck on something, I sent a message to the teachers and they responded as soon as they could. If something did not work the way it was supposed to I told the teachers and they fixed it as fast as they could. In brick and mortar I got in a lot of problems that ended with me going to detention. A lot of problems ended with me in detention because of who was involved and because of what had been done. 
      In eSchool a lot of the problems I had went away because there was no one to try and fit in with. It was just me working at my one pace. In March, I finished all of my courses. All I had left to do was my final exams. I had to go to a brick and mortar school. I did not like having to go there because I felt like my personal work space was being intruded. On a computer at home you don't have that feeling of being watched, you don't have the stress of trying to fit in with others. 

Due to Covid my children did their electives with e-school. It was a bit of a transition at first but my daughter who's in 7th grade, attended Señora Espinosa Spanish 1 high school credit class. Señora Espinosa was patient and always available to answer any questions. My daughter learned a great deal in her class and hopes to have her for Spanish 2. It's teachers like Senora Espinosa that make this program such a success!
Thank you, Mr. & Mrs. Hanson

This class and teacher have helped me learn even though I was working remotely from home due to Covid. Spanish isn't the easiest language and Señora Espinosa made it fun and challenging. She always pushed me to be the best I could be. Señora Espinosa made learning Spanish fun  -Amira Hanson

As a teacher and a mom of 2 school age daughters being able to work from home, as an adopted teacher by eSchool :), was a blessing. The entire eSchool staff took me in with opened arms, and my colleagues were and have always been extremely supportive. They made the transition from brick and mortal to online teaching smooth and enjoyable. Our weekly meetings and side texts/emails made it possible for me to benefit from their shared best practices and experiences. The support offered by Mrs. Wiseman and her office staff, as well as their continuing communication and feedback, has made this experience professionally sastifying. It was extremely important for me to still, now online, be able to reach my students, create and maintain a good rapport with them, support them in their language learning experience (whether they were below, on grade level or advanced) and to communicate and work together with parents, to ensure their child was successfulll in my class, and I was successful in doing so!  It has been a pleasure to be part of this eSchool Team and to hear, from my own students, how much they also learned and enjoyed this experience as well.
-Sra. Espinosa