Drop-Off & Pick-Up

Vehicles cannot to enter or leave the front parking lot during these time periods: 7:50-8:25 and 2:50-3:25.
This includes the grass areas – you will not be permitted through the gate. Please get your car pass in our front office. All vehicles must have a car tag to pick up a child.

If you will have business in our front office, please plan accordingly to the above times.  This will include families that attendd Boys & Girls Club.  You will not be allowed in the front lot during the time periods of 7:50-8:25 and 2:50-3:25.  Again this procedure will be strictly enforced beginning January 9, 2018.

Times may vary because of inexact times the buses arrive and/or depart.  During these times, the front gate will be closed, except for the most extreme emergencies.  

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.