Uniform Policy

Dear Parent/Guardian:

ThIs is to inform you of the importance of following our dress code policy. As parents of Spring Hill Elementary School students, we rely on your support in this matter and ask that you check your child’s clothes choices daily before he/she comes to school.

You may purchase uniforms at the following locations:

  • Beall’s Department Stores                    
  • Target                              
  • JC Penny
  • Wal-Mart                                                    
  • Sears                                
  • Dollar General Stores
  • Consignment Shop

Below you will find a description of our school uniform:

Shirts and Blouses

Collared polo-type shirts are the standard for all students. They may be any solid color or striped. Girls may choose to wear a button-up blouse under a jumper as long as it has a collar and is also in a solid color.

The following styles may be worn:

  • Collared polo-type shirts with short or long sleeves
  • Cotton uniform blouses with a collar may be worn under a jumper only
  • Turtlenecks or mock turtlenecks in solid for colder weather under a polo
  • Sweatshirts for colder weather may not contain inappropriate graphics such as cross bones, skulls and/or images that may be deemed scary.
  • Friday is Spirit Day. School shirts such as Star Reader, SHES T-shirt or SHES sweatshirts may be worn.

The following types of shirts are NOT acceptable:

  • Shirts/blouses with lettering, designs or graphics
  •  Dressy or silky blouses
  • Plaid, checkered or striped shirts/blouses
  • Sleeveless shirts/blouses
  • Tank tops
  • Athletic shirts or jerseys
  • Plain or checkered flannel shirts used as a jack
Pants and Shorts
  • Uniform pants and shorts may include cargo style pockets. Jeans may only be worn on Fridays with a spirit shirt.
  • Uniform colors for pants and shorts are khaki, black or navy blue. Scout uniforms may be worn on the days the student has a scout meeting.
  • Pants are to be the proper length for the height of the child. The pants legs should not be so long that they pile up on top of the child’s shoes or drag on the floor. Shorts should fall at the student’s knee.
  • Pants should also fit properly around the child’s waist. Pants that hang from the hips are unacceptable. If it is necessary to ensure a proper fit, a belt should be worn. A plastic zip-tie will be used to secure a child’s pants if they hang down too far.

The following items are NOT acceptable:

  • Shorts shorter than above the knee
  • Spandex or stretch pants of any kind
  • Plaid or Striped shorts or pants
  • Overalls or overall shorts
  • Jeans or jean shorts except on days designated by the school (Fridays)
  • Athletic shorts, sweatpants, or pajama pants
  • Sweatshirts with inappropriate graphics
Jumpers, Dresses, Skirts and Skorts
  • Jumpers, skirts or skorts may be khaki or navy blue. They are to be uniform style with pockets sewn on the inside. Jumpers may have either pleated or straight skirts. All jumpers, dresses, skirts and skorts must be knee length.
  • Polo type dresses in any solid color may be worn. Regular dresses and long skirts are not acceptable.
  • Solid color leggings may be worn under jumpers, dresses, skirts or skorts.
Hair and Make-up
  • Students are to have a hairstyle that does not cause disruption in the classroom or the learning environment. Mohawks, “faux” hawks, punk style haircuts, are not acceptable. No designs in hair.
  • Elementary students may not wear make-up to school unless it is for a special program or presentation for the class or school and has been requested by the teacher
  • Students are discouraged from wearing expensive jewelry to school. If jewelry is lost, broken or misplaced, neither the school nor the teacher can be responsible for its return or replacement.
  • Jewelry worn at school must not pose a safety or health hazard to the students and it must not cause disruption in the class or on campus. Large hoop earrings are not allowed in elementary.
Book Bags/Lunchboxes
  • Please put your child’s name in or on the book bag/lunch box. Students may not use roller type book bags. Book bags may be any color.
  • All book bags are to be free from violent or aggressive designs. Items with skulls and crossbones on them are not allowed
“Spirit Day” Fridays
  • On Fridays, students have the option of wearing jeans and a Spirit T-shirt. Spirit shirts include SHES T-shirts and any T-shirts the student earns at school or at a school function. When there is no school on Friday, jeans and spirit T-shirts may be worn on Thursday of that week
Cold Weather Clothing

Students are still required to wear uniforms during the cold weather months. All shirts, sweaters, etc. are to be a SOLID COLOR without lettering, or graphics. Cold weather items may include:

  • Long sleeve polo-type or button-up shirts
  • Sweatshirts with collared polo-type or turtle neck shirt underneath.
  • Pullover or button up sweaters
  • Turtleneck or mock turtleneck tops/sweaters
  • Long pants are the same as the regular uniform pants, but students may also wear corduroy pants.
  • Solid color leggings may be worn under jumpers, dresses, skirts or skorts.
  • Light winter jackets (such as sweatshirt jackets or hoodies) can be a solid color, striped or with an appropriate logo.
  • Heavy winter jackets with graphics such as sports teams may be worn as long as the graphics are not aggressive or violent in nature.

So that we may help locate and return lost jackets, etc., please make sure your CHILD’S NAME IS WRITTEN IN EVERY ARTICLE OF OUTERWEAR CLOTHING.

Hats, Scarves and Bandanas
  • Are NOT permitted.
  • Only closed toed shoes are to be worn, such as sneakers or tennis shoes. No Hellys, flip flops, sandals or Crocs.

Failure to follow the school’s uniform policy will result in:

  • First Time - Verbal warning and a dress code sticker will be put in the agenda.
  • Second Time - Student will use classroom telephone to call home for parents to bring appropriate clothes to school. Second sticker will be put in agenda. If the parent is unable to bring clothes to school, the consequences for the day will be at the administrator’s/administrator’s designee’s discretion. Depending on the circumstances, the student may be placed in the ISS for the day.
  • Third Time - Parent will be notified and the student will receive ISS for the day.

As always, students are expected to come to school neat, clean and wearing clothes that fit properly. At school, the administration has the final authority to determine whether a child’s clothing and/or hair are appropriate for school.

Our PTSO clothes closet has uniform items that are in excellent condition. Please let us know if there are any items we can provide for your child. If you have any new or gently used uniforms you wish to donate to our PTSO closet, please bring them into the front office during regular office hours.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to call the school.

Cari O'Rourke

Revisions to the SHES Elementary Uniform Policy may be made during the year should the need arise. Parents will be notified of these changes via our website, www.edline.net/pages/hcsb_SHES

March 2021