Registered Walker/Bike Rider Guidelines

Walkers/Bike Riders are defined as children that do not have bus transportation due to the "two-mile non-transport Hernando County School Policy". A student(s) that is defined as a "walker or bike rider" will have their home address verified by the front office and will be issued a "Walker/Bike Rider pass". Student(s) will not be allowed to walk or ride home if they have not been issued a "Walker/Bike Rider Pass" that has been verified.

We understand that many of our students will be walking or riding to and from school and have the following procedures in place.

  1. At dismissal, walkers will be released at approximately 4:05 p.m.
  2. Walkers will report to a designated "holding room" based on which gate they are dismissing from (Mariner or Roble) and be checked in.
  3. A staff member will walk those students with a "Walker/Bike rider pass" to the appropriate gate in a single file line. (Please note: Parents are not able to sit or wait for their walker/bike rider in any other locations on campus.) Parents/Guardians must wait for their student(s) at the appropriate exterior gate entrance.
  4. Parents/Guardians that are meeting their walker/bike rider should be at the appropriate gate no later than 4:10 p.m.
  5. Please adhere to the County Statutes regarding parking in these areas, as you may be issued a vehicle citation.
  • Mariner Gate may use the Church parking lot located directly across the street from Spring Hill Elementary School.
  • Roble Gate may Park in the grass field parking area located off Roble Ave.
  1. Walkers/Bike riders should walk directly off campus and home using the shoulder of the road or sidewalk when available. Walkers/Bike riders should be responsible and always cross Mariner Blvd where the crossing guards are on duty or when applicable.
  2. Please remind your child to be cautious when walking home from school.