Join Your Child's School PTSO Today!

What is PTSO?

PTSO is an organization of parents, teachers, administrators, students and community members that work together to solve problems and improve the quality of education at your school. They support and speak on behalf of children and families during meetings to positively influence decisions that affect our children. Many members volunteer to help out with functions, fundraisers, or routine tasks at the school. And they encourage parent and public involvement in the schools activities throughout the year.

What benefits will I enjoy as a PTSO member?

  • Support and speak for your child and yourself at school – make a positive difference.

  • Make connections with other parents, teachers, and community members.

  • Find out what’s going on at your school – help with important school and community events.

  • Share ideas/experiences and solve problems with other parents and educators – it’s a great resource.

  • Grow by volunteering – you gain valuable experience and help children at your school at the same time.

  • Be a part of the solution – participate in activities that provide needed resources in your child’s class.

  • Demonstrate the importance of education to your child by becoming a role model at PTSO functions.

  • Gain access to teachers, administrators, and parents of other children and information at your school.

  • Find a safe place to discuss concerns and issues you feel may be a problem.

  • Receive appreciation from the teachers and staff for all your help.