Environmental Club

Green Apple Designation - Minimum Requirements Checklist

The Weeki Wachee High School Environmental Club was established in 2019 and is an after-school club that works on creating solutions for environmental issues as well as educating our youth on the importance of the environment.

Our Mission is to work as a team to promote sustainable practices and protect our local ecosystems.

What We Do is focus on implementing and sustaining green practices at our school and the local area. We offer a student-run recycling program, a school garden, and clean-ups on campus and around the county. We also take part in sustainable activities where students have the opportunity to learn about different green practices that they can implement in their daily lives. 

Green School Initiative is a program our club has chosen to focus on. The Florida Green School Designation Program is an initiative of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection that recognizes k-12 schools that make a voluntary commitment to protect Florida’s natural resources. With the guidance of this program, our club has adopted green practices for our school to follow, making us on track to becoming a Florida Designated Green School! If you would like to see our school’s complete Environmental Self-Assessment and Planning Checklist or Minimum Requirements Checklist, please contact our supervisor.