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The Spring 2022 Exam Scores are in.
                                                             CHS %                      National %
  • English General Paper                 65% pass*                   71% *All 11th grade students now take this
  • Environmental Management        74% pass                   81%
  • Spanish Language                       93% pass                   96%
  • English Language                        71% pass                   71%
  • Global Perspectives                     81% pass                   92%
  • Drama                                          88% pass                   92%
  • History                                          72% pass                   58%
  • Marine Science                            93% pass                   68%
  • Literature in English                     81% pass                   70%
  • Psychology                                   94% pass                   52%
  • Lang & Lit                                     40% pass                   36%

AICE DIPLOMAS EARNED             32 
(When combined with 100 of Community Service, AICE Diploma recipients are eligible for the Florida Academic Scholars Award which covers 100% of tuition and applicable fees to a Florida public Institution)

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Central AICE Students receive prestigious Cambridge Award
Areil Maries Simmons

Scholar Award

Charlotte Mary Lawyer Scholar Award
Christopher Lastre Scholar Award
Daniel John Herron Scholar Award
Dylan Alaimo Scholar Award
Elyzian Antonio Marulanda Scholar Award
Ethan Hughes

Scholar Award

Hayley Joy Frazier Scholar Award
Ivy Chen Scholar Award
Jaden Presley Scholar Award
Jaleeza Jewels Grimsley Scholar Award
James Franklin Joyner III Scholar Award
Jamie Champlain Scholar Award
Joshua Alan Kasza Scholar Award
Julien Tomas Scot Flores Scholar Award
Lyanna Alyse Lilley Scholar Award
Reece Charles McCue Scholar Award
Riley Erin McDuffie Scholar Award
Scott Parker Florez Scholar Award
Serena Gabrielle Martinez Scholar Award
Yoskar Castillo Scholar Award
Devon Abbott Merit Award
Joshua Welch Merit Award