Online Learning Syllabus

About Edgenuity:

Edgenuity is an online program that is school based where students complete a class for credit recovery or initial credit that is required for graduation. Students work in a classroom where a teacher facilitates the program and monitors student progress. Students may also take classes through the county’s virtual program, Hernando eSchool, where they are assigned a certified teacher to help them through the course.

Materials Required: (supplied by school)

  • Notebook or folder to store notes

  • Pen or pencil

  • Headphones (personal headphones are recommended)

Grading Procedures:

Student’s grades for classes they are working on are generated by the online programs. Courses are broken down into nine weeks for Edgenuity and semesters for eSchool. The grade for each course will be reflected on student report cards. Parents can monitor student progress by using the Edgenuity Family Portal (see reverse side of page), as well as through Canvas for eSchool classes.

Student Progress:

Students will conference with their teacher on a regular basis to discuss their progress, current grades, and quality of notes. A target date and an end date will be entered for the course depending on when the class is started. For students beginning a new course the start date will be the first day of their class and the target date will be the last day for the nine weeks. This will repeat each quarter. Start dates and target dates will be adjusted for students who have a class partially completed or who start a class later in the year. Students who are not meeting the required progress are expected to complete additional work at home or attend after-school tutoring.

After School Edgenuity:

Students are able to log in to Edgenuity outside of school, but will not be able to access tests or cumulative exams. These must be completed on campus. Tutoring will be offered after school on Tuesdays until 2:45 PM and parents are responsible to pick up their student by that time.

Classroom Expectations:

  • Be prompt to class and work bell to bell, asking teacher for assistance as needed.

  • Respectful reciprocations to teacher and peers are expected at all times – do not disturb others while they are working, use appropriate language, and raise your hand to ask for assistance.

  • Sit at assigned work station and assume responsibility for materials and technology – you are not to change any settings, unplug any cords, or move laptop.

  • Focus and be on task in Edgenuity and eSchool coursework only - no music sites, search engines, or any other websites besides what is necessary for the course.

  • Be engaged continuously by viewing and listening to online instruction, completing all activities and taking notes.

  • Present notes to teachers when requested – note reviews will often take place before assessments are unlocked or reset. If notes are insufficient, the teacher reserves the right to have you return to or re-do previous assignments.

  • Track your progress and meet weekly goals set forth by the online program and classroom teacher.

  • Remember to save and exit before you log off. Workstation should be left in same condition as you found it.

Consequences for Inappropriate Use of Internet

1st Offense: Phone call home, written referral, and placement in ISS.

2nd offense: Written referral and 2 days OSS as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct.

Academic Integrity:

A full commitment to Academic Integrity is expected from every student and parent. Plagiarism is copying or using ideas or words (from another person, an online classmate, or an Internet or print source) and presenting them as your own. When referencing information in your writing, be sure to cite your sources properly. The work completed on each online assignment must be your own entirely, and you will not allow others to copy your work. Do not share your log-in information with others. Consequences for violating academic integrity include but are not limited to: parent contact, written referrals, resetting student work, and automatic zeroes.

Family Portal:

The Family Portal is a site which allows parents access to current information about their student’s progress and performance. Parents will be able to see a range of information such as how much time the student has spent working on their courses, what their grades are, and if they are on track to finish their courses on time. Parents must provide an email address to receive weekly progress reports and gain access to the Portal.

An access code will be provided to you by the school to use in the registration process once you have submitted your email address.