Point System

  1. Students may earn five (5) points per school day from each of their teachers seen that day.

  1. Students must present a note from a parent within three (3) school days, following the return to school from an absence, in order for an absence to be excused. If a note is presented and an absence is excused within the three (3) day period, then the absence will not count against the student’s points. However, for each day that a student has an unexcused absence, zero points will be earned for each class period missed and the zeros will be computed into the student’s average points earned.  Chronic absenteeism may require a physician’s excuse.

  1. In order for a student to return to the sending zoned school at the end of the semester, the student must be enrolled for at least ten full weeks (50 school days) prior to the end of the semester and have a cumulative behavior point average of at least 3.75 on a 5.00 scale which is based upon the maximum points that a student may earn during one class period per day. (Note: students who have attained the required 3.75 point average to return to their home school are still not eligible to return to that school unless they have maintained passing grades in all classes and maintained an attendance rate of at least 90% during their time at Endeavor Academy).

  1. The point system is averaged on a daily basis. Students will receive a weekly behavior point sheet on the last day of each week that reflects the student’s current cumulative average points earned.  The points will be averaged as follows:  Total points earned during the school year, divided by the total number of school days that the student has been enrolled in Endeavor (less excused absences), and then divided by the number of teachers seen in a day. 

For clarification, the following example is provided:  A student began attending Endeavor on August 10, 2016.  The student has one day of excused absence and one day of unexcused absence during the first ten (10) school days.  The student earned all five points from all of teachers (assume 6 periods & lunch) on all school days that the student was present.

The student’s point average would be calculated as follows: 

Day 1 = 35 points, Day 2 = 35 points, Day 3 = zero points (unexcused absence), Day 4 = 35 points, Day 6 = 35 points, Day 7 = zero points (excused absence), Day 8 = 35 points, Day 9 = 35 points, Day 10 = 35 points.  Total points earned = 280 points.  280 points divided by 9 days = 31.11 points, divided by 7 = 4.44 average.  If the student had not had an unexcused absence, the average would have been a 5.0.  If the student had earned all points (a perfect score) but had two unexcused absences during this same ten (10) day period, the student would then have earned:  280 divided by 10 = 28, divided by 7 = 4.0 average.

  1. If a student receives In School Suspension or a bus related discipline referral, the student’s points for that day will be reduced by 50% and the student will receive one or more days of suspension from riding the bus to and from school.  

  1. If a student is assigned out-of-school suspension (OSS) based upon a school discipline referral, zero points will be averaged into the point average for each day that the student is assigned out-of school suspension.

  1. Students will be given a card during the first period class or upon check-in at the front office, if a student is late for school. Students will earn zero points for classes missed due to tardiness and the zeros will be counted in the point average unless the parent provides a written excuse for the student’s tardiness on that same day. 

  1. Students will give their point card to the teacher of each class during the day when the student enters the classroom. The teacher will complete the card and return it to the student at the end of that class period.

  1. Students are responsible for their card. If another card must be issued during the school day, the student will be escorted to the front office to obtain replacement card.  The card will be marked in the front office to indicate that the student lost all points earned for the previous periods of the day.  For example, if a student loses his/her card prior between second and third period class, then the student will lose all points that were earned during first and second period for that day and will have zeros averaged into the points for the day for the first and second period classes.  If the student earned all points for the remainder of the day (five (5) classes x five (5) points, divided by seven (7) periods, the average points for the day would be 3.57 points.

  1. Cell phones and other electronic devices may be brought to school per Board Policy but must be surrendered upon arrival at Endeavor per Endeavor Policy. Items will be stored during the school day and subsequently returned at the close of the day. Failure to comply with this directive will be deemed insubordination and appropriate consequences will be assigned.