Bullying Information

In Hernando County Schools we all agree:

  • Bullying is not permitted

  • We will help others who are being bullied

  • We respect each other and include everyone in all activities

  • We care for each other and report incidents of bullying to adults

  • We all have a right to feel safe at school

Anti-Bullying, Harassment and Dating Violence Policy
The policy of the Hernando County School District is that all students have an educational setting that is safe, secure and free from harassment, bullying, dating violence or abuse of any kind. This policy shall be applied consistently with all applicable school board, state and federal laws. Conduct that constitutes bullying, harassment, dating violence or abuse as defined herein, is prohibited.  Students who persistently engage in bullying behavior will be subject to possible expulsion.

If you feel your child has been subjected to bullying, please complete a bullying reporting form.


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