Procedures for Student Passes

GeneralProcedures for Passes:

  • When students leave class, for any reason, they must be in possession of a pass.
  • Student should“sign-out” when leaving and “sign-in” upon their return.
  • After its use, teachers will keep and secure the pass for back-up documentation.

Administrative/Guidance Passes

At times, a pass will be delivered to a classroom, requesting a student to come, either to Guidance or Administration. Note that the pass may stipulate either immediately or at a convenient time. The time the student leaves must be recorded on the pass, especially if the student was held back to complete classwork, a test, etc. The student should return with the pass, including a time they left.

Study Hall Passes

These (green) passes are a requirement anytime a student needs to attend another teacher’s study hall. The “requesting” teacher will issue the pass to the student. In turn, the student presents the pass to their regular study hall teacher. This issuing of passes must be done prior to the start of the study hall. This is meant to limit student movement during S.H., preventing the back and forth travel. Example: It’s Tuesday and Mr. Hafliger would like a student from his 6thperiodto attend his S.H. on Wednesday. Mr. Hafliger should issue the pass at the end of Tuesday’s class, which the student will present to his/her S.H. teacher at the start of class on Wednesday (leaving after attendanceis taken).

Tardy Passes

These may be issued from the front office staff or administrators performing “Tardy-Sweeps.” Teachers are still required to change the “U” in TERMS to a “V.” After its use, teachers will keep and secure the pass for back-up documentation.

Regular Goldenrod Passes

Teachers may provide a goldenrod pass, used in the traditional manner, for general purposes. It must be completed with name, date, time, destination and teacher signature. This should be used if a student is called from class via intercom or phone.

Lanyard Passes

Teachers may utilize a “lanyard pass ”for restroom use. This pass will be color coded according to the hallway their current class is in. Students should be reminded to utilize the restroom assigned your class (see list below).During administrative sweeps, students will face disciplinary action for being out of area.

Blue Pass ABC, P190-199 ABC Building Restroom
Pink Pass 1000 Hall & 803/802 1000 Building Restroom
Cherry-Red Pass 100 Hall 100 Hall Restrooms (2)
Green Pass 200 Hall, Ports. 200 Hallway Restroom
Yellow Pass 300 Hall, 900 bldg,& 801 300 Hall Restroom
Goldenrod Pass 400 Hall 400 Hall Restroom
Purple Pass P.E./Hope/500 Hall Gym Lobby