Administration Team

Dana Pearce






John Weaver - Assistant Principal, 10th Grade
Phone Ext. 403

Student Issues/Disciplines for: Freshman
10th grade parent workshop 
Attendance/Tardy Oversight 
Discipline- 10th Grade 
EOS/Equity Team
Evaluations/Oversight: ESE, Guidance, Secretaries, CTE, Social Sciences
Fall Open House 
FLEX Assignments and Data Collection
Horror High  
Pit Crew 
Restraint/Seclusion to DOE 
S.A.C. Lead 
Student Government 
Student: Eagle Pride, Homecoming (Powder-Puff) 

Kimberly Buford - Assistant Principal 11th Grade
Phone Ext. 422

Student Issues/Disciplines for: Sophomore
10th grade parent workshop 
Campus/Hallway Security 
Disciplines- 11th Grade 
Emergency Drills 
Evaluations/Oversight: Math, World Language, ROTC 
FL Safe School Assessment Tool (FSSAT) 
Reports: FTE, SIP, Fire & Safety, 10-day count 
Safe Schools/CrisisGo App 
Coordinator/Liaison Safety & Security 
Student Events: Anti-Bullying  
Threat Assessment Team 

Robert Beach - Assistant Principal 12th Grade
Phone Ext. 402

Student Issues/Disciplines for: Juniors
12th grade parent workshop 
Athletics – Coaches, Sports 
Disciplines - 12th Grade 
Dual-Enrollment/PHSC Liaison 
Evaluations: Science, Fine Arts, Physical Education and ESTs
Facilities (Plant Operations/Inventory, Lost/Stolen school property)
ISS Oversight
Master Calendars, Activities
Media Center 
Public Relations & School Information Admin. 
Reports: FISH, Public Sales
Social Media/Global Calls 
Shout Outs, Educator of the Month 
Take Two Mentoring Program (co-with Wright)

Brandon Wright - Assistant Principal 9th Grade
Phone Ext. 404

Student Issues/Disciplines for: Seniors
9th grade parent workshop 
8th Grade Spring Orientation 
Professional Development 
Disciplines- 9th Grade  
Duty Schedules 
End-of-Year Teacher check-out 
Evaluations: English, Reading, ESOL   
Homecoming: Bonfire, Fireworks  
Social Media
Take Two Mentoring Program (co-with Beach) 
Teacher/Staff Appreciation 
TOY and SREOY      
Turn-Around Student