Nature Coast Technical High Facts

Founded May 1, 2002


Current School Enrollment:
9th Grade 386
10th Grade  331
11th Grade


12th Grade 328

School Information (Historical):

First Principal Margret “Tizzy”  Schoelles 2002
Second Principal Toni-Ann Noyes  2009 to present
Staff Information:
Total number of staff members 
Number of staff with advanced degrees  
Number of staff that served in armed forces 
Number of staff who attended  NCTHS     
Current Staff with Distinction:
  • Author and Artist
  • Humanitarian and LPN
  • Chef
  • Theater Artist, Director and Playwright
  • Special Needs Parent
  • HCTA First Vice President
  • Published Author (newspapers)
  • Photographer and Designer
  • Teacher of the Year 2015 and Author
  • Published Curriculum Writer
  • West Florida Christian Association Representative
  • Author of over 20 scientific publications
Notable Former Staff:
Mona Johnson Author
Mike Lastra   Principal
Ed LaRose   Principal
Kelly Slusser   Principal
Nicola Barlow

 Manager of Career Enhancement

Chris Clifford  Assistant Principal
Dan O'Rourke     Assistant Principal
Nick Pagano  Assistant Principal
Alexandra Rastatter  Assistant Principal
Dawn Williams  Supervisor of School Choice
Notable Former Students:
Matt Breida NFL
Calie Kingsley US Naval Academy Graduate
Kyle Keene Wrote the NCTHS Alma Mater
Teddy Toye Broadway
Dustin Daniels Tallahassee Mayoral Candidate; motivational speaker
Shareka Maner Head Women’s Basketball coach for Grays Harbor College
PJ Waterson US Naval Academy Graduate
Adam Caldi US Air force Academy Graduate
Phillip Orlando US Coast Guard Graduate
Suzette Alcantara Operations Specialist
Yamil Figueroa Workforce Development Specialist
* List will be updated when the Sharks swim back and tell us of their accomplishments.