PARENTS, We Need You for SAC!


The School Advisory Council is a committee of parents and community members like you who care about their children and support their school.

WHAT does SAC do?

The School Advisory Council meets to discuss the School Improvement Plan, the disbursement of funds for various needs the school has, and to learn about current events and programs that affect our school.

WHEN and WHERE are the meetings?

We meet in the school’s Media Center on the first Thursday of every month that is a school day, at 4:30 PM.


At WHMS, we believe parental involvement is a huge key to the success of our school and we need your help and support to make that happen. Your voice matters!

SAC is a vital part of helping our school thrive and helping our students SOAR! Our monthly sessions are brief, and while we would love to have a packed house each month, there is no long-term commitment.