Welcome to the Parent Academy

Be the link to your child's academic success!

The Parent Academy is a District Title I initiative offered FREE to parents to promote continued collaboration between families, schools and the community. The Parent Academy offers a series of workshops and events aimed to help families stay engaged with their child’s academic and social success.

The Parent Academy recognizes that parents need to make many important decisions throughout their child’s educational career about programs, schools and opportunities. Because parents are the most effective advocate, they need to know how these decisions can affect their child’s future.

Families who attend Parent Academy activities will gain invaluable knowledge - from preparing their kindergartener for the first day of school to choosing the right classes to equipping them to graduate from high school.

The Parent Academy offers a variety of workshops for parents and community members ranging from academic to emotional support.


The Parent Academy opens the lines of communication between home and school by connecting parents to the resources and information needed to support their child’s education.


Be the link to your child’s academic success!


To engage parents in becoming full partners in their child’s education by offering them training, information and assistance.

Our Staff

Dell Barnes
Manager of Parent Academy
352-797-7070 ext. 449
Jodie Kanneberg
Family Engagement & Community Center Liaison
352-797-7070 ext. 267

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