Hernando High School Royale Regiment 

Calendar Fundraiser:

All student calendars and money is due back to Mr. Harrin completed by 9/1/2022. Remember if we can get full participation then there will be no fees associated with Marching Band this year. 

Rehearsal Attendace:

As we begin our year again I want to remind everyone that Band is a co-curricular activity and that all rehearsals and performances are part of the student grade. It is imperative that they are at scheduled events.

Band Handbook: 

Each member will recieve a copy of the 2022-2023 Band Handbook during camp and it will be available on this site as well. Each member will need to have the last page signed by the student and parent and returned to Mr. Harrin by the start of school.


All parents interested in helping in any way please complete the Level 1 Volunteer application available here:  https://secure.safevisitorsolutions.com/Safe/Volunteer/HernandoCountySD/level1volunteer

We will be needing a volunteer with trailer pulling experience and an appropriate vehicle this year to pull our band trailer to all events so if you are interested in helping please see Mr. Harrin ASAP! 

        Band Calendar:

The Band Calendar is updated to reflect the rest of the school year. Please contact Mr. Harrin if you have any questions. As events are brought to our attention they will be posted to the Calendar. Please make sure you are aware of all dates. Band performances and rehearsals are mandatory and now that we are fully operational again and "past" covid we will have a strict attendance policy.