Skipping Policy

Skipping Policy:

Cutting class/skipping school is defined as any unauthorized absence from school or class. Students who skip or cut class will receive a discipline consequence, which may include Lunch Detention, ISS, suspended parking privileges, etc. Once students arrive on campus for the day, they may not leave campus prior to 2:10 p.m. without following the early dismissal procedures. This rule also applies if a student leaves campus before the official start of the school day. Skipping is considered an unexcused absence and the School Board attendance policy will be followed.

Skipping Consequences:

1st Step/Offense:
3 days of lunch detention; parent will be notified of the absence through the school’s automated phone system.

2nd Step/Offense:
5 days of lunch detention; parent will receive a phone call home.

3rd Step/Offense:
ODR for Gross Insubordination = 1 day of ISS; student will begin 5 days of check-in/check-out with Coach Bailey.

4th Step/ Offense:
Parent will be notified; student will receive an ODR for Gross Insubordination = 2 days of ISS; parking permit suspended for up to 2 weeks. 

5th Step/Offense:
Parent will be notified; student will receive ODR for Gross Insubordination = 3 days of ISS; parking permit will be suspended for up to 6 weeks; student will be placed on a Daily Behavior Report Card to be signed by each teacher every period for 4 consecutive weeks.  If student continues to skip class he/she will be recommended for alternative placement through the District Intervention Committee.

* ODR = Office Discipline Referral