Attendance Policy

Based on the number of unexcused absences, students must maintain a 90% attendance rate in all class periods throughout the school year in order to maintain privileges to include but not limited to:

  • Parking
  • Homecoming Events
  • Grad Night
  • Prom
  • Field Trips (Teachers must provide an alternate assignment)
  • Athletic Participation
  • Extra-Curricular Events

There will no longer be attendance appeals and grades will no longer be changed to 60% due to attendance.

Excused Absences:
Parents/Guardians can excuse up to five (5) days per semester by providing a written and signed note(s). This shall also include prearranged absences. For more than (5) days of excused absences in any one class period, a doctor's note may be required. Extenuating circumstances may be addressed with administration. Prearranged excused absences will not be approved during district and statewide assessments.

Unexcused Absences:
If a student is under the 90% attendance rate at the time of the event, the student will lose their privileges. This will occur if a student does not turn in a note from their parent/guardian (must be one of the excused reasons). This could also occur if a student has more than (5) excused days per semester. Students will be allowed to make-up the work in any one class period, however, they will receive a maximum grade of 70% on all make-up work.