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2021-2022 American Rescue Plan - ESSER III Input
Instructional Continuity Plan Survey


  • The ESSER III Input Survey is now closed.

  • The Instructional Continuity Plan (ICP) Survey is now closed.

The appendices below are referenced in the Instructional Continuity Plan.

Appendix A - Staff Roles/Responsibilities
Category Responsibilities
Administration - District-Based

District-based administrators will continue to support schools, school administrators and staff, as it relates to their normal duties provided in a brick and mortar setting. Hours of operation will be dictated by the Superintendent.

Administration - School-Based

Determine which staff are able to perform their duties off-site and which ones will need to be on-site in order to fulfill their responsibilities. Support staff, students, and their families during virtual learning by providing updates, communication, and allocating necessary resources. Assist with outreach to students who are not participating and/or responding to instruction.

Behavior Analysts/Specialists

Supporting teachers virtually with scheduling and providing behavior supports for students with disabilities. Conducting check-in sessions with students and families. Supporting teachers and parents behaviorally. Update/develop FBA's and behavior plans. Complete accompanying documentation.

Bus Drivers

Will work as directed by the Director of Transportation. Duties may include transporting food to families who are unable to pick-up services in food drive-throughs, driving busses to locations in need of wifi availability, cleaning & sanitizing at school sites, and/or assisting with food preparation and delivery services.

Classroom Teachers

Teachers will follow a virtual schedule using MicroSoft TEAMS that mirrors their normal daily schedule of instructional time they would follow if they were in a brick and mortar setting.

Compliance/Staffing Specialists

Contacting parents to schedule and conduct IEP meetings via telephone, Skype, MicroSoft TEAMS, or other method available to parent; assist staff with developing goals and accommodations to help meet the students needs virtually; reviewing and conducting an internal audit to assure compliance is being met with state guidelines for students with disabilities.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teachers

Scheduling/providing virtual deaf and hard of hearing services to students with disabilities, writing communication plans, participating in virtual IEP meetings, participating in virtual eligibility meetings, and maintain all necessary documentation of services provided.

Deans/Teacher on Assignment/Elementary Assistant

Contacting students who are not responding to teacher contact for home learning assignments. Researching cumulative folds to find additional contact information to reach students. Monitoring students in the food pick-up line. Encourage student participation in home learning.

Environmental Service Technicians

Will follow the Environmental Services Cleaning Protocols as defined by the Director of Maintenance. Employees will work the hours directed by the site administrator and may be subject to all other duties as assigned.

Exceptional Student Educators

ESE teachers will provide services and accommodations as required by a student's Individualized Education Plan, however, these services will be provided in the digital environment.

Food & Nutrition Staff

Will work normal hours or as directed by Director of Food & Nutrition Services. Will prepare, package, and distribute food based on a schedule created and communicated by the Director of Food & Nutrition Services or designee.

Hospital Homebound/Home Instruction Teachers

Continue to provide instructional services to students who have qualified for home instruction.

Instructional Coaches: District and School-based Coaches, ESE Instructional Specialists, Interventionists

Support teachers who need assistance creating and/or modifying lessons for students. Support teachers in the creation and delivery of video lessons. Support the delivery of lessons and grading of assignments for vacant positions.

Itinerant Teachers

Itinerant teachers should follow the same protocols as is required in their normal daily schedule through the use of MicroSoft TEAMS.

Maintenance Staff

Maintenance staff will continue to maintain facilities on a normal basis. Work orders will continue to be entered into the CMMS and preventative maintenance will continue on a scheduled basis. Maintenance Administration have entered into various agreements with community vendors to supplement areas of operation needing the most attention such as HVAC. Facilities continue to be cleaned by each school’s Environmental Service staff with extra attention to the COVID cleaning protocols including but not limited to daily disinfecting with electrostatic sprayer and well as traditional disinfection methods.

Media Specialists

Provide digital media support to students and teachers, assist with device preparation, check-out, and return.

Occupational Therapists

Scheduling/providing virtual occupational therapy services to students with disabilities, writing evaluation reports, participating in virtual IEP meetings, participating in virtual eligibility meetings, and if appropriate, conducting evaluations through virtual meetings, and maintain all necessary documentation of services provided.


Continue to support the students/classrooms as they would in a brick and mortar setting through the use of MicroSoft TEAMS. They will support teachers by conducting check-in sessions with students and their families and perform all other duties as assigned by the school Principal.

Physical Therapists

Scheduling/providing virtual physical therapy services to students with disabilities, writing evaluation reports, participating in virtual IEP meetings, participating in virtual eligibility meetings, and if appropriate, conducting evaluations through virtual meetings, and maintain all necessary documentation of services provided.


 Appendix E - Environmental Service Technician (EST) Cleaning and Disinfection

•  All desks and chairs should be scrubbed thoroughly, removing graffiti and markings, disinfect all surfaces after cleaning.
•  Common touch points: door knobs/handles, light switches, countertops etc. will be cleaned and disinfected.

Restrooms/locker rooms
•  Fixtures and touch points should be disinfected.
•  Complete deep general cleaning/disinfection.
•  Pour disinfectant into each drain to fill p-traps.

Common areas (cafeteria, computer labs, clinic, restrooms, library, stairwells, gym, etc.)
•  These areas should be deep cleaned and disinfected.
•  Common touch points: door knobs/handles, light switches, chairs, counter tops, handrails etc. should be cleaned and disinfected.

Clinic Cleaning Procedures: The following surfaces should be cleaned and disinfected:
•  Chairs
•  Cots
•  Walls and floors
•  Countertops
•  Student kiosk keyboard
•  Equipment such as nebulizers, blood pressure cuffs, pulse oximeters, etc.

Outdoor areas
•  Outdoor areas such as playgrounds require cleaning and disinfection.
•  All surfaces and touch points on outdoor playground equipment should be cleaned with an approved product.
•  High touch surfaces made of plastic or metal, such as grab bars and railings, should be cleaned and disinfected.
•  Cleaning and disinfecting wood surfaces is not recommended.

Laundry for clothing, towels, linens and other items
•  Launder items according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Use the warmest appropriate water setting and dry items completely.
•  Wear disposable gloves when handling dirty laundry.
•  Clean and disinfect clothes hampers according to guidance above for surfaces.

For electronics, such as tablets, touch screens, keyboards and remote controls:
•  Consider placing wipeable covers on electronics when feasible.
•  Follow manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and disinfecting.
•  If no guidance, use alcohol based wipes or sprays containing at least 70% alcohol.
•  Dry thoroughly.

Office Areas
•  Will be deep cleaned using the top to bottom method and disinfected after cleaning.
•   All office doors will be secured after cleaning and disinfection. ·

Special Projects
•  When all areas have been cleaned and disinfected special projects will commence.
•  Environmental Service Staff will be supplemented with the help by other Support Operations staff such as bus drivers and food service not assigned to feeding programs.
•  Deep cleaning projects such as striping and waxing of floors, high dusting, touch up painting, high traffic area carpet cleaning, light fixture cleaning, pressure washing and other large task projects will be completed during shutdowns as time permits.
•  Proper scheduling based on time duration of shut downs will determine what projects can be completed.

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