Transfers and Refund Requests

Requesting a Transfer

Transfers between student accounts within the Hernando County School District will now handled inside of the Linq Connect Portal starting with the 2019-2020 school year.

To transfer funds, log in to the Linq Connect Portal. From there, select the three vertical dots next to one of your students. On the pop-up list, select "Transfer". Fill in the requested information.

A Few Notes About Refunds:

Student Accounts Follow Them

Student accounts are linked to their Hernando County Student Identification Number.

This means that as long as your student moves between any Hernando County School Distict school, there is no need to submit a request.

Students graduating from an Elementary to a Middle, or from a K-8 to a High do not need to submit requests.

There is also no need to submit requests at the end of every year as their balances follow them into next year, as long as they are enrolled in a HCSD school.

CEP No-Cost Meals

While Food and Nutrition Services is currently offering a student breakfast and lunch at no cost, it is still recommended that students maintain a positive balance in their accounts for snacks, treats or other extra items.

Positive student balances eliminates common problems with sending cash to school with students, such as lost monies or change that never makes it back home to a guardian's hands.

Every student purchase is visible in the Linq Connect Portal under History->Student Purchases on the left-hand menu.

Spending limits can also be set for each child in the Linq Connect Portal.

Student Account Monies Reside In The District

Linq, the software developer of Linq Connect and Titan School Solutions, is merely a software provider and payment processor. They process transactions for us when monies are applied to student accounts.

However, they are not a bank.

Student account funds are taken from your chosen source (say a bank checking account or debit card) by Linq and deposited with the Hernando County School District.

Linq cannot issue refunds because they do not have access to the District's financial accounts, except to deposit incoming funds. This is similar to how an employer using direct deposit to pay employees does not have the ability to withdraw funds from an employee's bank account.

Abandoned Student Accounts

As per School Board policy po8500, unclaimed meal accounts are considered abandoned 15 days after a student has graduated or withdrawn from the School District. If no refund request has been received within 15 days of a student's withdrawal, the balance may be receipted into the school lunch fund. To ensure your student's account will not be considered abandoned, please submit a refund request by visiting the Refund Request page and filling out the form. As always, you can view your student's current account balance by logging in to your parent account in the Titan Family Portal or in the Titan Family Connect app.

Requesting a Refund

If, after reading, understanding, and agreeing to the above information, you would still like to request a refund of a student's account, use the linked form below.

Please note that refund requests are only neccessary if your child will not be attending school in the Hernando County School District. Examples include a graduating Senior, your student will be starting home schooling, or your family (household) is moving out of the county.

Refund Request Form