So, you want to intern with HCSD? 
Well, we would love to host you!

Dear Intern:

Thank you for taking the time to think about joining a district that takes pride in Educational Excellence! In Hernando County we believe in the importance of teachers and the direct impact that they have in the classroom on a daily basis. We have made great academic strides in our schools throughout the district and now you have a wonderful opportunity to effect change as well! We expect our interns to grow professionally, help our students become better readers, regardless of their subject area, and to prepare students for their future.

We want to make sure that you experience success during your internship, as well as your future years in education. We encourage you to find creative ways to help our organization grow and to have an impact on the lives of our students. We know that you will provide the very best instruction to your students and we wish you the very best on a successful internship!

Please click on the links below for information and to access our Internship Application.